Tasty No Bake Desserts

We tend to associate dessert time with oven time. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Desserts can be tasty and delicious — no baking required.

Raspberry Cream Cups with Pretzels

Recently, the Best Landlords in the World replaced our oven and microwave. In the weeks leading up to the switch, our oven was doing all kinds of funky things, including erratic heating. The bigger, better replacement works like a champ.

However, if your oven is on the fritz, or you just don’t feel like baking, consider one of these quick, no bake desserts.

Mint Chocolate Cream Parfaits

Salted Caramel Affogatos

Chocolate Fondue

Apple Cider Floats

What’s your favorite no-bake sweet treat?

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  1. Love peanut butter pies (cool whip, pudding, peanut butter, graham cracker crusts), so easy and delicious!

  2. Here is one of my favorite no-bake treats I make different variations of it to suit my mood. Your pictures look so yummy, especially the chocolate fondue. Hmmm… I think I think perhaps I just might plan a chocolate fondue night for our family soon. I have never done one with the kids and I bet they would love it.

  3. Lauren C. says:

    Yummy, yummy in my tummy!!!!

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