How the Pantry Challenge Can Save You Money

Wondering if scraping the bottom of the flour barrel is really worth it this month? It absolutely is — and not just on your grocery savings this month.

I’m over at Food Your Way today sharing ways that a Pantry Challenge can save you money long term. Hop on over and see how I’ve learned from my overspending ways.

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  1. We also have learned another very important lesson from a pantry challenge.

    It may not be ANYONE’S favorite meal, but it will keep you going till the next one, and it’s alright to do that sometimes. I think that’s one of the reasons I wound up with overstocks on some things – we all always wanted to remake favorites.

    It’s been a great lesson to just eat what’s there and be glad you had it. Not that any of it is awful – but it’s not the ‘ultimate’, so we avoided it for a while.

    Feels great to start clearing it all out!

  2. Feels amazing to clean out the pantry! I’m so glad I pushed myself and did it. Now we can “make it” to pay day and oh my goodness, I didn’t even know all that I had. I feel so much better doing this. It’s seriously the little things that make a big difference sometimes!

  3. I was able to pull together a freezer cooking session for less than $10 using what was in my freezer and pantry. Without the push of the pantry challenge I never would have thought to plan from what I already had, not what I wanted to put in the freezer. I tried some new recipes and ideas and it turned out great.

  4. So glad to hear such success stories!

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