Post-Christmas Clearance Finds (Grocery Geek)

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Post-Christmas clearance sales can provide ample supplies for certain items that you use all year long, especially on paper and plastic goods.

We’ve been out of town for most of the week. But, before we left Dodge, I did make after-Christmas shopping stops at both Target and Ralphs, my Kroger affiliate. I was disappointed that the baking supplies and regular groceries were slim pickings. The stores must have read my post and known I was coming.

But, the choice of paper and plastic goods was excellent. We don’t use as many disposables as we used to, but I do like to use paper towels for some cleaning jobs, and we use a lot of freezer bags for freezer cooking. So, I stocked up for a good part of the new year.

Who cares that the plastic bags are holiday themed?

Freezer bags were $0.65 per box of 40, making them a little more than a penny a bag. Paper towels ranged from $0.37 to $0.63 per roll. I bought a lot. I also found graham cracker crumbs for $0.70/box, much lower than the price of a box of crackers as well as baking chocolate for $1 per box. Ziploc boxes were $1.25 for five and the Scotch tape was $1.50/package.

Grocery Spending Update

In the days leading up to Christmas I spent about $75 on miscellaneous purchases, including tamale supplies. I decided to go full bore and made 60+ tamales to freeze. Then, after Christmas I spent another $45 on some sale meat items as well as the above items in the picture.

That brings our monthly total to $690.

Pantry Challenge

Join me for a pantry challenge starting Sunday. Details are here. The basic plan is to make the most of what we already have and reduce spending over the month of January. You get to make your own rules, so don’t feel intimidated. Some folks want to see how long they can go without shopping. I just want to be a good steward of what I have. Join us!

It’ll be fun.


Did you find any great clearance finds this week?


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  1. My Ralphs hadn’t marked any of that stuff down. The paper towels were still $2+ and the ziplocs were marked $2.67. Interesting that some stores seem to be in a hurry and others aren’t.

  2. I scoped out a couple of stores and found very little that I wanted. I remember searching high and low for clearance Christmas sprinkles last year, not finding any, paying full price this year, and then seeing tons on clearance in the past week. Sheesh. Ziplocks were still $3+ at the one store where I saw them (Dominicks, which is Safeway). On the non-grocery end, I did find some fun window clings, stickers, and cookie tins for next year. Happy for that, at least.

  3. I haven’t seen much of anything either, at my Fry’s (Phoenix Kroger) or at Target. However, I was able to score some wrapping paper for 50 cents each.

    And at Sam’s Club, the boxes of Stovetop stuffing mix was marked down to $2.01, making it just under 34 cents per package, which is the cheapest I’ve seen this year. I bought three boxes of that.

    Slim pickings otherwise.

  4. Found Domino’s (or is it just Domino? idk) brown sugar and powdered sugar each $.45/lb at Walgreens here yesterday. And canned pumpkin for $.80/15 oz. I stocked up on the sugars and should now be good to go with those for quite a while, especially since we are planning to cut back on sugars this year.

  5. I am always impressed with the quality food you feed your family while still saving money. Just curious, for a family your size, if you weren’t so cost conscious, how much do you think you would spend a month?

    • @Melissa, thanks for your encouraging words! I know that four years ago I was spending over $1000/month in the days before coupons and being super vigilant. That was with one fewer child — and I thought I was pretty frugal then.

  6. My favorite find (and it was just a fluke– I was out shopping for C’s family party) were mini-chocolate chips and dark chocolate chips for 88 cents a bag. No idea what made them seasonal, but I was a happy camper! (My husband would say my best finds were the bags of Reeses peanut butter cups for less than a buck. ;))

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