Mint Chocolate Cream Parfaits

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Chocolate Cream Pie gets morphed into a dessert in a jar, a Mint Chocolate Cream Parfait, to be exact. Perfect for your next game day dessert or holiday get-together.

One of my husband’s favorite desserts is Chocolate Cream Pie. It’s a simple pie made of chocolate pudding, cooked on the stove, and then laid on a a chocolate cookie crust. Recently, I decided to make his favorite dessert in mint and chocolate, a favorite flavor combination — and in a glass, an easier form to serve to a crowd.

And at our house, every meal is served to a crowd. 

Desserts served in glasses or even jars are so elegant, too. Case in point. Much prettier than a pie.

And easier to serve!

These Mint Chocolate Cream Parfaits are easily portable and typically have less chance for spilling, making them an ideal game day sweet treat. Just mix up a batch of pudding and while it chills, crush some Oreos and whip some cream. If you really want to guild the lily, stir up a batch of my Chocolate Mint Syrup. Put the layers all together and what have you got?

A Perfect Game Day Dessert!

Stash them in the fridge, and dessert will be waiting when halftime arrives.

Huddle to Fight Hunger

Recently, Kraft invited me to join their Huddle to Fight Hunger team. Over the next month, I’ll be sharing a variety of tailgate recipes (which can definitely double for holiday parties) featuring certain Kraft brands. Kraft will be donating 1000 meals to local food banks (up to 4000) for each recipe I share. So excited to be able to partner with them in this way!

Other recipes I’ve “krafted”:


You can hop over to Kraft’s facebook page for more details. For each “like” they receive is another meal for someone less fortunate. And you can specify that your free meal go to your local community. You’ll also have the opportunity to earn more meals to be given away by playing their facebook trivia game.

What’s YOUR favorite game day snack?

Disclosure: Kraft Foods has provided me with a gift card to offset ingredient expenses; however, all opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. Wait! Is that a Patriots jersey? Argh! 😉

  2. So the first 6 ingredients is the recipe for homemade pudding?

  3. So the first 6 ingredients is how you make homemade pudding?


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