Make Pomegranate Jelly for Christmas Gifts!

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Pomegranate jelly is an easy, unique gift to make for family and friends this holiday season.

Just a little plug for jelly-making this month! If you own canning equipment (or can borrow from a friend) this is a super easy gift to make for family and friends.

I made it two ways this fall: with bottled juice and with fresh juice. We liked both ways. I didn’t see any significant difference except that the pomegranate jelly from bottled juice is obviously easier to make. But, if you have access to cheap or free pomegranates, then juicing your own is the way to go.

Do you can for gift giving?

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  1. I am giving many of my canning treats this year as gifts – Jalapeno Pepper Jelly, Banana Pepper Mustard, Peach Salsa, Strawbery Jalapeno Jelly and Spiced Cherry Jam are on my list. The Cherry, Strawberry and Jalapeno are repeats from last year, mostly because they were requested! I am always surprised how much people like the things I make!

  2. that’s awesome! I just discovered your site while going through twitter list. Your site has full of great ideas.

  3. Cruising your site while looking for ideas for Christmas gifts a group of friends can make together this weekend. They are all young professionals, just starting out (or still in medical school) so don’t have much money and little space in kitchens shared with roommates. We will probably make some raspberry apple jam from my garden raspberries in the freezer, and that brings me to this question: If it weren’t for my backyard supply, raspberries would be outside the cheap or frugal bounds of both of our blogs, and I wonder about pomegranates too. Even the juice here (not the “drinks” that would not work for jelly) is very expensive. Do you include recipes like this just for special occasions or are you blessed with a good supply from your own yard or that of neighbors?

    • You are absolutely right. Unless you can source it frugally, it’s not a typically frugal item. I bought pomegranates for 50 cents a pound which was very cheap. They were also abundant in my organic produce box that I get every week at a fabulous price. I found bottled juice (not drink) at Costco for $6, which would have made two large batches of jelly of 6 to 7 cups each. So, IF you own the equipment and can source it appropriately, canning is frugal for conventional or organic.

      Also, jelly can be made from whatever clear juice you find (grape, apple, pear) and those are often more economical than pomegranate.

  4. What a great way to remove pomegranate seeds! They are plentiful and cheap right now and I want to make something. After seeing those seeds just drop out, I will be buying more.

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