Hospitality Reminder: Prepare for Quick Desserts

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Dessert can be amazingly simple and sweet, especially if you stock the pantry accordingly.

I heard from a friend recently who had read this idea about preparing a snack tray in anticipation of unplanned visitors. She shopped accordingly, and low and behold, folks dropped in unannounced over the weekend. Needless to say, Christine was able to provide her friends with a tasty spread — and impress the socks off her hubby.

I can’t decide what pleases me more, the company-worthy spread or the wowed husband! I love it when a plan comes together….

We’ve talked about stocking beverages and appetizers, what about dessert? Desserts can be really easy. We just usually make ourselves jump through hoops unnecessarily.

Here are some pantry/fridge items to stock for simple, impromptu sweets:

  • ice cream and sundae toppings
  • ice cream, coffee and hot cocoa for affogatos and cocoa¬†floats
  • fresh fruit and tea biscuits
  • frozen puff pastry and applesauce for Chausson aux Pommes
  • chocolate chips and evaporated milk for a quick fondue; fruit and frozen pound cake for dipping
  • Nanna’s Apple Pie, stashed in the freezer

What would you add to your dessert fixings?

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  1. That’s a great idea now that Christmas is near. I’m sure a few friends are going to drop by to drop of some gifts…

  2. I keep sugar free pudding around due to lots of diabetics in extended family that may stop buy. I can usually find bananas or something around to add to it for a quick options.

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