Using Pinterest for Tasty Inspiration

A few months ago I signed up for a Pinterest account. I had no idea what I was doing. And since I typically fail to read directions, chances were that I wouldn’t ever really know what I was doing.

But, it was fun and slowly I figured out how things worked. It’s proven to be a wonderful bookmarking tool for me to use to track the cool and tasty things I find on the web.

You create a board and then you “pin” the items that inspire you on that themed board. I’ve created a number of recipe boards over the short time I’ve been “pinning”.

It’s been quite the delicious journey. And since Pinterest is visually driven, I remember the things that I pin and actually go back to the bookmark to make the craft, follow the tutorial, or try the recipe. I also gain about five pounds just looking at all the delicious foods that are pinned.

Pinterest is filled with tasty inspiration.

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  1. I have been using pinterest for storing meal ideas too – but of course now I have to go look at your boards LOL!

  2. I’ve recently joined pinterest too and am loving it. I had been using delicious as a method of bookmarking because I liked the way I could cross index recipes and ideas but got frustrated when my bookmarking wasn’t as simple anymore because they revamped the site and wanted me to put things in “stacks” By the time I figured out what stacks were – I was already pinning!

  3. I LOVE Pinterest! I have gotten so many wonderful ideas from it. From cooking to baking to crafts to homeschool. Wonderful fun place!

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