This is the Week to Stock Up

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If you saw anything in your grocery ads last Wednesday that caught your eye, you need to get yourself to the store this week. Experience tells me that if you go to the grocery store on Friday (when everyone else is mobbing the Black Friday Sales), you will not only find a deserted shop, but you will also find a dearth of sales.

Read your ads carefully.

These sales end on Thursday. A new promotion will not typically start until Wednesday. That gives you five days to avoid the stores, because you’re not likely to find a deal. Not at your typical grocery store anyway.

Have you found any stock up sales you’re excited about?


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  1. A local store is offering a free turkey if you buy a ham. I’ll be buying a turkey no matter what, I figured I’d take advantage of the sale and get a ham too. That way I’ll also be ready for Christmas!

  2. our local grocery ads run from Nov 16-29th this week. i had never thot of going to grocery story on Black FR, but since our ads run for 2 wks and that’s when the stores are deserted, i may just do that.

    • Ah, well, that will be great then. Maybe it’s just California grocery stores that are sneaky and end the sales on Thursday.

  3. I know I said I had NO plans to grocery shop this week but… Our ads come out on Sunday and the buys were too great to pass up. I headed out last night after dinner and bought $103 worth of groceries for $52. I used $15 in manuf. coupons too plus some store coupons I had received on previous trips that netted me a dozen eggs, a bottle of paprika, a bottle of nutmeg and a bottle of cinnamon – FREE! Oh, and we now have another turkey too. I was able to scratch half the items off next month’s grocery list so I already have a healthy head start. I get all excited about this kind of stuff.

  4. I just mentioned to my husband last night that I plan to grocery shop on Wednesday of this week for next week. My favorite grocery store will have a new ad on Black Friday that runs through next Tuesday, but I know from experience that there will not be very many deals in it.

  5. I was able to score some Campbells condensed cream of mushroom and chicken for about 42 cents a can! I grabbed 8 and will go back again to get more. I was also able to get some Lucky Leaf pie filling for $1.50. Not sure if thats a great price, but it’s good to me

  6. It helps me as I usually overspend my food budget and then don’t buy anything for the next week!

  7. All of our sale ads here in fl generally end wednesday night (all grocers here are closed on thanksgiving), and a new ad starts Friday, or the ad runs for a week and a half picking back up on it’s regular start day the next week. It just depends on the day the sale circular starts at our stores. Typically the ones that run a new ad on Friday don’t have good deals, but the ones that continue through to next week are great since they still have all of the holiday food items on sale.

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