Meal Planning for the Week of Nov 6th

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This is a snapshot of my month’s meal plan. It stays magnetized to my fridge door so that I always know what’s on the menu. As you saw last week, these are pretty straightforward meal plans.

They are also very subject to change.

I pulled a few switcheroos this week, accommodating for meats that failed to thaw in time — and cooks who failed to pull things from the freezer in time. Ha!

This week our meal plan looks like this:


Serve-yourself-breakfast-bar, consisting of:


A regular rotation of:


Easy dinners that make use of the grill, the griddle, or the crockpot. Oh, and several buffets, too!

6. Grilled tri-tip, baked potato, salad

7. Quesadillas, salad

8. Pasta bar: lots of noodles, two kinds of sauce, garlic bread, salad

9. Bday dinner – Kid’s choice

10. Chihuahua Chili, cornbread

11. Pizza Night

12. Mexibar: taco filling (like Carnitas), toppings, tortillas (maybe homemade), taco shells or chips

 What’s cooking at your house?

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  1. Thanks for sharing looks yummy!

  2. Those pancakes look absolutely divine! Do you have the recipe for the apples and topping somewhere? I must have missed them if you did. You really do a nice job with presentation – one of those days I’ll need to work on that. For now I’m just happy to get an actual meal on the table 🙂

    Here is our plan for the week.

  3. Loving your blog! I just came across it via the Organizing Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday. Our family (myself, my hubby & 20 month old daughter) are recently on a tighter food budget but I am pretty choosy about the types of foods that I put on my table. I love that you have a lot of budget friendly meals that don’t require a bunch of processed foods. Thank you for sharing your great recipes! I’m seriously feeling a renewed sense of hope. 🙂

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