My Meal Planning for the Week 10/23 – 10/29

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Meal planning has been a favorite hobby since hubs and I got married 17 years ago. Since I loved to cook, it was a way of planning out my entertainment for the week. I would sit down at our Ikea kitchen table in our itty bitty studio cottage and dream of all the yummy meals we were going to eat that week.

Yeah, I was weird like that.

Nowadays, meal planning is a matter of survival. If I don’t have a plan, I’m sunk. Six kids and a hungry husband, you better have a plan.

This past month, I’ve gone back to an old, well-loved practice: planning an entire month’s of meals at one time. While there have been some tweaks and some thawing failures, for the most part, it’s gone well. Now that the month is at a close, I’m looking at the bottom of the list, happily surprised that this is still working.

Here’s our meal plan for the week:

On my agenda this week is to devise a freezer cooking plan as well as a meal plan for November.

How do you handle meal planning?

Check out I’m an Organizing Junkie for a regular round up of real life meal plans.

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  1. Week by week. Barely. I seem to hardly be able to pull off meal planning. Though somehow everyone gets fed. I need to take some time over the next couple months and make some easy freezer meals since we have a baby due in February and the husband likes to…try to cook gourmet on our non-gourmet budget. lol.

  2. I am also a month long dinner menu planner. When I first married, almost 25 years ago,I did one week at a time, eventually moving to 2 weeks, and finally a month a few years ago. this guarantees using foods purchased at rock bottom prices, includes “planned overs”, helps to avoid food waste and take out. We eat really well, too. See my blog for monthly dinner menus and more specifics on how I actually work out my dinner menus.

  3. I have been a once a month cooker for years 14 + years, and find that the challenge varies as do the ages and hectic live style… however it is such a relief and a gift to have meals on hand, dinner always ready at a set time for our whole family (and there are 9 children and 2 adults) to sit and share a meal together – this is a time of the day that has become a treasure – we share high and low parts of the day and stay connected in everyone’s life in a way that many families are not able – in part because of the consistency of planning and preparing meals in advance. A little over a year ago – I turned my desire to share this style of cooking with others and opened my own business called Eat Now Eat Later – the Art of Advance Meal Planning – So many women and men in our area take advantage of this service because it makes life so simple!

    It does take time to get started – but I now have over 1,000 recipes that are able to be frozen, so variety is wonderful. However if it is overwhelming to do more than a week at a time, just do a meal doubled twice a week, and ask a girlfriend to do the same – and then trade – there you have 4 meals for you and a friend to get you started on your week…

    Be encouraged – it is a great way to free up some time – be a blessing to your family financially as well as mentally, (no stress at dinner) and to bless others in their time of need…

  4. I take count of my kitchen inventory and make a list of all possible recipes, some easier than others. I try to map out a daily plan but I usually don’t stick to it. What I do stick to is making the majority of the recipes I listed, just not in any particular order. I list them on the fridge on a white board. I would like to get a little more detailed in our meal plans but working as much as I do this is just a recipe for failure. My husband will let me know which dishes we would REALLY like and then I pull the meat out for it a couple days ahead. Having the meat in the fridge puts a fire under my bottom to make it.

  5. Everything sounds delicious! When I was broke I planned a month at a time to be sure we had food AND gas money to get to work. Now I plan by the week or the pay period depending on my mood. It saves time, money & sanity to plan meals–even if it’s just frozen pizza one night–it’s still a night you didn’t waste money at the drive-thru!!!!

  6. What I do is go through everything in my cabinets, dry foods, canned, etc then hit the refrigerator for soon expiring items, then go to meats if we are having them. I have a list of everything we like to cook written out, then begin building meals with them. This has helped me save hundreds at the store, because I now shop for only what is needed to fill exact ingredients for meals, from the main course to veggies, to potatoes, etc for a complete meal. I was really surprised at how many meals I can make that we like that we already have ingredients for to make literally 64 meals! So now we just put a menu on the refrigerator of all the meals we can make with what is on hand – then once we use those items, immediately add to grocery list under the meal we are replacing. Thus minimizing my grocery bill not buying stuff we already have or that you have to figure out what to make with. So I don’t do a weekly menu, but a menu of everything we can make – that way we can just pick off that menu for whatever we are in the mood for. Its really worked wonders!

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