Win 6 Months of FREE Black Silk Coffee – CLOSED

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We’re coffee snobs around here. I fully admit it. Hubs regularly drinks a large cup of joe every morning before heading off to work. And having a great cup of coffee is a helpful way for him to start his day.

Since we became debt free and got a little more breathing room in our budget, I’ve tried to make sure that there was always good coffee in the house. You know, boutique coffee shop kind of coffee.

So, I admittedly was a little skeptical when Folgers offered to send us a supply of their newest roast, Black Silk. But, I’m pleasantly surprised. It’s got a strong, bold flavor without being bitter. It has an ever so slight “tinny” flavor that comes with commercial grinds, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Hubs even said, “It’s not bad.”Β He also said he was ready for a change to his taste buds, so he’s been brewing Folgers this week instead of the usual.

Go figure.

I’m looking forward to experimenting with iced coffee recipes for the warmer months. I think this will be great!

Win 6 Months’ Worth of Coffee!

This weekend, I’ve got a great giveaway for all you Folgers fans!

Four Good Cheap Eaters will win the following “Wake Up with Black Silk” package from Folgers:

  • A sixth month supply of Black Silk coffee (that’s 4 cannisters like the one pictured)
  • A luxurious black silk robe
  • A classic redΒ Folgers mug
  • Two biscotti

To Enter:

Leave a comment, telling us how you like your coffee: bold and smooth? Or something else?

This giveaway is open until Sunday, May 15th at 8 pm PST. Winners will be chosen at random and notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours to claim your prize.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS: sdskern,@krissajeldy@, mlyon@, snlhoneycutt@

Disclosure: I received sample product. I was not compensated to publish positive statements. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I love the Folgers Black Silk! I agree that it’s bold but not bitter — very smooth.

  2. Kelly Hassenzahl says:

    Folgers has always been our family favorite. I like mine with a little milk….times about 4-5 cups. πŸ™‚

  3. Katrina Klauer says:

    We love coffee here. Sometimes feel like I need a main line when running around after 3 small boys soon to be 4 (in June) I love smooth rich flavors with a dash of cream. YUM!

  4. breakfast roast!

  5. We enjoy coffee on the weekends. I like mine with splenda and soy milk, my husband likes his coffee plain.

  6. Rebecca says:

    I love flavored coffee… It is a great way to start my hour and a half commute every morning!! =)
    I like the smooth, easy flavors that just make my mornings so bright!

  7. Excellent giveaway idea! I like coffee that is bold and smooth, although my words would be “very strong but not bitter”. A little sugar and a lot of milk, and I am a happy girl.

  8. Melissa says:

    I love my coffee smooth and rich. Full flavored with cream and sugar!

  9. Smooth with a little vanilla creamer at our house!

  10. bold & smooth is the way to go!

  11. I like my coffee in a cup, I like my coffee with a lump. I like my coffee here or there, I like my coffee anywhere!

    All that to say, I’m a total coffee lover. Not bitter, and a medium or bold roast is my favorite!

  12. Jamie Jo Smith says:

    I LOVE Foldgers, wont drink anything but them πŸ™‚ I Like mine with a lil Creamer and Sugar, then Im a happy woman πŸ™‚

  13. Amy Tirre says:

    I love my coffee…..well….. I LOVE MY COFFEE!!!!!!
    (Folgers Bold with cream and a little sugar-Hot)

  14. Love the smell of coffee as it fills the house in the morning. Bold and smooth sounds heavenly to me πŸ™‚

  15. Don’t talk to me in the morning until I get a cup of coffee in my system! I like my coffee strong and smooth, which is difficult to find! Always with skim milk + 1 tsp of sugar. Coffee is one of the few places I like to splurge, if I can afford it but these days I stick with Folgers. Its the best grocery store / on a tight budget coffee out there. I can’t wait to try the Black Silk!

  16. Pamela O. says:

    We love coffee around here. My hubby likes it bold and black. I add cream and sugar so I am not nearly as picky. I would actually LOVE to win this for our church coffee hour because my hubby actually works for a particular coffee shop that gives us a bag of coffee each week, a fabulous thing for our budget!

  17. I’d love something that was bold AND smooth. Coffee is sometimes way too POW in ya FACE for me. πŸ™‚

  18. Kristina G. says:

    We drink a lot of coffee at our house. At home I tend to go for the flavored coffees because I like the aroma but for work I always buy Folgers.

  19. Katherine says:

    Bold and smooth is a pretty good description. Strong, but sweet. I’m a coffee snob too, and usually prefer more expensive brands, but I would definitely be willing to try something new, especially if other coffee snobs say it’s good. πŸ™‚

  20. As a mom of 6 kids 8 and under, coffee is my best friend! I used to only buy Folgers french roast, but our budget now requires us to buy whatever’s on sale. I drink it with 3 creams and no sugar – 2 cups in the a.m., 2 more in the afternoon, and when anticipating an extra long night I’ll have one more in the evening.

  21. Love bold and smooth, we make a pot every morning and fight of the last cup! πŸ™‚

  22. Charity says:

    Love lots of coffee – bold & black πŸ™‚ I haven’t tried Folger’s Black Silk, but have heard that it is really good!

  23. Oohhh….coffee…..I like mine strong, hot and black. Although a bit of flavored cream and ice in some leftover coffee in the afternoon is very tasty.

  24. I’m not a coffe drinker, but my husband is! He too likes the smooth boutique style brews! But I’d love to give this a try on him!

  25. heather white says:

    I love my coffee rich and smooth, not bitter or biting…Since ive had to be on muscle relaxer bc of a swallowing disorder, ive had to up my coffee intake a bit :)) that silly medicine helps me swallow my food, but sure does take away my energy!! Folgers definately helps me get through my busy day homeschooling my 3 children!! Thank you folgers!! Would love to try the black silk!!!

  26. I like a strong but smooth coffee – not too acidic. We like it especially with a little hot chocolate mixed in!

  27. Michelle says:

    I am smooth with some flavored creamer too! Yum!

  28. I like my coffee with milk and a sweetener. I always use Stevia because it’s healthy! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  29. Stephanie Moore says:

    My coffee is like my man: Tall, dark, and strong. πŸ˜‰

  30. Julie Banton says:

    We love Folgers coffee! We love it bold, but smooth. We like it with lots of rich real cream!MMMMMMMmmmm….I need to go make more coffee…

  31. Bold and smooth, strong without bitterness–perfect! No wimpy coffee here πŸ˜€

  32. I actually do like it bold and smooth, lol but I haven’t tried this one yet. With vanilla soymilk.

  33. Jessica says:

    I’m a big coffee fan. I like all different kinds!

  34. Oh what a great giveaway! My hubby and I loooove Folgers coffee. We actually like it on the strong side for maximum flavor, but we also douse it with cream and sugar (I do more so than he does πŸ™‚

  35. Kelly Perry says:

    smooth with french vanilla creamer! yum!

  36. Annette Herbst says:

    We only buy Folgers, and we like it on the strong side. I personally like mine with a splash of whip cream

  37. Lori Warbelton says:

    Lots of milk and splenda.

  38. MrsSmith327 says:

    If you met my husband than you can totally understand my type of coffee. Sweet yet strong, bold but not overpowering…and of course I dress it up to match him – blonde (cream)

  39. Melinda says:

    We love folgers in our house and just recently switched to the black silk. It’s smooth…and I love it with french vanilla creamer with a little sweetner.

  40. I LOVE a good, strong cup of coffee, but I will drink nearly anything. Black. Always black.

  41. Smooth with creamer!

  42. I like mine smooth with flavored coffee creamer!

  43. Christina H says:

    Lots of creamer!

  44. I like my coffee to taste like a candy bar but my husband will pretty much drink anything.

  45. Hmmm, I have always loved coffee, but forbid myself to drink it….but I would probably say smooth!!! My husband would like his bold!!

  46. BridgetteMc says:

    Most of the time it’s straight black; soemtimes it’s with a flavored creamer. My kids like it only with the creamers! lol As long as it has caffeine….I’m fine!

  47. Coffeeeeee!!!! It has to be a smooth, rich, dark roast. I used to be a coffee snob, too (friends still say I am…but if they only looked in my cupboards!), but learned in college the trick of blending boutique coffee grounds with a little of the less expensive, plain roasts from the grocery store. But to be honest, my husband and I really like the Folgers Gourmet blends dark roast. And it’s helped our budget immensely, too!

  48. I love coffee!! I have two cup in the morning and one in the afternoon. Hubby likes a big travel mug of it on the way to work. We like it bold!

  49. I love bold & smooth. Black Silk is a very nice coffee.

  50. Susie E says:

    I like my coffee black and bold, which makes the quality of the bean important. My quality of bean is directly proportional to my self employed income stream, and lately I’ve been drinking the cheapest I can find!

  51. I love my coffee with some french vanilla creamer. I’ve been trying different kinds since I got my Kreuig machine. I enjoy most coffee as long as it’s not bitter.

  52. i like mine decaf (nursing), but dear hubby likes his with half & half and sugar πŸ™‚

  53. I like a bold cup – I love an iced coffee in the afternoons during summer too.

  54. Tessa B says:

    smooth and iced. not super strong and overpowering.

  55. Susan T says:

    I like my coffee smooth

  56. Bold and smooth.

  57. Michelle H says:

    Here it vaires from person to person on how they prefer their coffee. My husband likes it so strong it could walk by itself. When he is preparing it for others he eases up some on that. Coffee is so expensive these days and I think it is great that you are doing a give-away. Good Luck to Everyone!

  58. Stephanie Perkins says:

    I like a good bold coffee, very hot with vanilla creamer and sugar.

  59. I like my morning coffee bold and smooth with cream. =)

  60. I generally like a medium roast, and always with sweetener and creamer. My favorite is to go to Scooter’s (a coffeehouse here) and order their nonfat sugar-free milky way latte. It’s completely guilt-free. However, since we’ve been going through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, the coffee budget has been axed, and I am having to find ways to make great coffee at home, for a fraction of the cost!

  61. I like it STRONG! And as long as it has caffeine in it, any brand will do! Add a little half and half, and I’m good to go…

  62. Smooth, with a little creamer.

  63. I like my coffee bold and black

  64. My husband call me a coffee snob! I just say no I just know what I like, A great bold cup! Oh and lots of it!!!!!!!

  65. Smooth with splenda and french vanilla creamer.

  66. Ginger H. says:

    I like mine smooth, with 1/2&1/2 and sugar in the raw! Yummy!

  67. Rhiannon says:

    I like a bold coffee taste served on crushed ice with a splash if coconut creamer! Great way to get a pick me up anytime of the day!

  68. Jennifer M. says:

    I like my coffee smooth, with lots of creamer (preferably French Vanilla).

  69. Gillian says:

    I like anything as long as its not bitter. Hubby likes it bold and strong.

  70. Stephanie S says:

    I have to say, the Black Silk was so much better than I had hoped for…Knowing how much I like the Colombian roast I was very hopeful for the Black Silk. Now, it’s my first choice when I go to the market. And I have a gathering at the house 2 Sundays of the month. I provide the coffee and tea. There were soooo many compliments when I switched to the Black Silk. Keep up the good work, Folgers!!

  71. karissa says:

    i like my coffee bold with a healthy dose of cream!!!

  72. I like a strong cup of coffee – or two or three…

  73. We love our coffee bold! With some cream and sugar of course. What a fun giveaway!

  74. we like to just have folgers around the house. i don’t think we much care about the brand, just the caffeine lol.

    my favorite iced coffee recipe uses the cold brew method,

    super cheap, easy, and delicious.

  75. I’ve been wondering about the Black Silk! Just might pick that one next time I’m out of coffee, unless I win this of course! πŸ™‚

  76. I like it bold and smooth…not bitter. This sounds like a good blend!

  77. I love my coffee strong, in my favorite cup with my hubby on the back porch!! Awww, it’s the best.

  78. Valerie S says:

    I like my coffee strong! But then I add vanilla creamer and a splenda to sweeten it up πŸ™‚

  79. Tamara Phillips says:

    I love a strong cup of coffee with a splash of milk! Mmmm! I enjoy my coffee in the am with my sweet boys!

  80. I like my coffee strong with half and half…can’t be milk!!

  81. We actually love Black Silk. Well, until coffee started tasting nasty to this preggo mommy. But it’s still what I buy for my husband. πŸ™‚

  82. We like it bold around here too although we’ve never tried Folger’s Black Silk. I recently purchased their 1/2 Caff variety with a coupon and I have loved it for making iced coffee in the afternoon. Hubby loves coffee too and has at least one cup a morning if not another in the afternoon. Thanks!

  83. lainey pih says:

    I love my coffee smooth but flavorful. I love iced coffee and often brew coffee and place it in the fridge to enjoy cold.

  84. Denise G says:

    I like it smooth….and with chocolate!!!

  85. I love it strong and rich–not bitter. Just half and half if it’s hot. I like it sweet if it’s an iced coffee.

  86. Stacy Nunez says:

    There are often catalinas at Safeway for Folger’s Black Silk, and my “coffee snob” attitude was very impressed. I freeze the leftover coffee in an ice cube tray, and never have watered-down iced coffees in the afternoon!!

  87. Melanie says:

    Folgers Black Silk is the only coffee my husband will drink! It’s bold enough for him and smooth for me! πŸ™‚ This would be the perfect prize to win!

  88. I prefer mine in the form of latte from my local Starbucks (in a reusable mug), but for our office, Folgers is the preferred brand for the communal coffee maker :).

  89. Great giveaway.
    I only use my Tassimo for coffee. But when I did brew it, I loved Folgers. Especially their beans… ahhhhhhhhhhh Coffee. My drug of choice… how I love you! lol


  90. I like mine bold and smooth with lots of cream!

  91. Mary in AZ says:

    I admit that I am not a coffee drinker, but my husband is. I’ve been making him Folgers coffee every morning for years. I know he would love to try this new one!

  92. I like my creamer and splenda with a bit of coffee ; )

    I’m also a big fan of iced coffee!

  93. I love coffee, and I often enjoy the stronger flavors as long as they don’t have that bitter aftertaste. So this new Folgers sounds great!

  94. I like my coffee on the stronger side, with sugar and vanilla caramel creamer. Can drink it the same way over ice also. Yummy!

  95. Hubby and I like to try all sorts of flavors. Highlander Grog and Chocolate Raspberry are 2 of our favorites. I don’t think we’ve tried the Folger’s Silk yet, but I would love to give it a go!

  96. Stephanie says:

    I’m definitely a morning coffee girl! Definitely like my coffee smooth…would love to win this!

  97. Wendy Lee says:

    We like smooth coffee. I would love to try this roast! Keeping my fingers crossed.

  98. deseray yeo-jones says:

    i like my coffee strong as well, never tried the folgers dark cofee.

  99. I like my coffee how ever I can get it!!:)

  100. I teach junior high life skills, and I will drink coffee anyway it comes when I’m at school – I NEED IT!!! πŸ™‚

  101. I like a really dark coffee mixed half/half with warmed whole milk and two spoonfuls of sugar.

  102. Lindsey Wiening says:

    I LOVE Folgers! I take mine bold, with sugar and skim milk (or cream if I have it around)

  103. Definitely bold and smooth!!!

  104. I love a good BOLD coffee….needs to wake me up!

  105. Heather says:

    I prefer “French Roast”, whatever that is, it strikes the perfect balance. With Cream πŸ™‚

  106. I love to put flavored creamers in my coffee, but the hubs likes it strong, black, and with a little sugar.

  107. With lots of cream and sugar!

  108. Michele says:

    There is nothing better than waking up to the smell of hot, fresh, brewed coffee. I have to set my coffee maker every night before going to bed.

  109. Crystal Paine says:

    I like my coffee smooth and doctored up. And, when possible, free. πŸ™‚

  110. I like mine as “kid coffee” – with enough milk and flavor to hide the fact that it is coffee!

  111. I like it bold and smooth.

  112. I always like the morning blends, but love to try new flavors also.

  113. We like our coffee bold around our house. Black Silk is what we buy!

  114. We prefer it with a dash of sugar and a touch of milk. YUM.

  115. AllieZirkle says:

    smooth. usually kona!

  116. Misty G says:

    I like my coffee any way I can get it! Iced, steaming hot, but it has to be smooth and creamy!!! YUM!!

  117. I like my coffee with hazelnut creamer!

  118. I’m not a big coffee fan, but my mom LOVES it.

  119. Hot coffee only with a little milk.

  120. Jennifer says:

    I always add cinnamon to my grounds before I brew them, tastes yummy!

  121. I love my FOLGERS coffee hand delivered to me every morning by my sweet husband! He knows I need 1 Splenda & 2 ice cubes and it’s perfect every morning!

  122. I love creamy coffee, particularly iced πŸ˜€

  123. Can’t Stand it but sahd hubby can’t live without it!!!

  124. i love a bold, flavorful cup of coffee, smooth and not bitter. an occassional treat is to add cream (sometimes flavored) and even more rarely a tad bit of sugar. black is the daily and i’ll repeat that a bold cup is appreciated.

  125. I like a coffee and drink the cheap stuff no problem. But hubs likes the nicer stuff, though he likes to swap out brands regularly. I always buy bold/dark though.

  126. I love a good cuppa coffee! With cream (esp. flavored creamer) and a bit of Splenda. I don’t like mine bitter, so I’d like to try the Folgers!

  127. Bold and smooth all the way!

  128. Jill Lyons says:

    I love a good, bold flavored coffee; wth some good cream.

  129. Christa says:

    Hubs and I splurge on coffee we brew at home. I’d go without drinking coffee before drinking bad coffee! πŸ™‚ We prefer bold or extra bold beans.

  130. Elizabeth says:

    I like my coffee smooth and creamy. πŸ™‚

  131. Am I the only one who likes to smell coffee straight from the package? Just a whiff and I’ll smile. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  132. Gabe ahearn says:

    I dont drink coffee but my husband does and without his strong bold coffee he gets very very grumpy!!!!!

  133. mary jackson says:

    My husband and mom are the coffee drinkers in the family — my mom likes it black and not too strong, my husband with milk, half and half or a flavored creamer. Folgers has been a part of my family for as long as I can remember — I think it’s about the only brand my mom ever drank and continues to drink every single day! Love the giveaway — they get the coffee, I get the biscotti and robe — everyone’s happy!

  134. I like it hot and smooth!

  135. iced coffee, whole raw milk, a dollop of homemade chocolate syrup—be still my heart.

  136. I love my morning coffee with a splash of heavy cream!

  137. the hubs and the teenager are both coffe drinkers. They like it strong and smooth, no cream or sugar. I like it iced with a little vanilla. Yummy!!

  138. Melissa says:

    I like my coffee very strong, extremely hot, and with honey. Mmmmhhh

  139. I love coffee! My favorite is iced coffee made in a Toddy maker with a splash of whole milk. During the winter, I like it strong with a bit of half and half – yum!

  140. I would love to try this! I used to dislike coffee but suddenly at age 50 I can’t get enough, iced only. I use a half a cup of warm water to dissolve the coffee, add a big dollop of half-and-half, then milk and a bit of vanilla extract, then ice – yum!

  141. I can’t get out of bed until I hear the coffee start to brew. It’s what I look forward to in the mornings. I like mine with a little cinnamon sprinkled on top and sometimes with a little heavy whipping cream mixed in. Delicious!

  142. What a great giveaway! I love Folger’s coffee. I drink atleast 3 cups to start my day, hot with a little cream.

  143. Lynda Clark says:

    I like my coffee smooth and mellow with real half&half or cream in it.

  144. Laura Boehm says:

    Hubby is the coffee drinker in our family. I make it, he drinks it. His favorite is Folgers Black Silk. Sometimes he’ll add a lil sugar to it.

  145. I love strong, black coffee, but I will add some half-and-half on special occasions.

  146. Jenna O says:

    I like my coffee with cream, and lots of it!

  147. Therese says:

    The scent is every bit as good as the flavor! I cannot drink coffee, but the coffee lovers here buy gourmet or folgers. I would love to win this new one for them!

  148. colette says:

    i love a breakfast blend with a little hazlenut creamer in it… yum! and i’ve been doing some homemade iced coffee, too… great to switch it up as the humidity is setting it!!

  149. I <3 coffee…I like mine a little on the strong side with some cream and sugar.

  150. I like my coffee mild and smooth, usually with plenty of milk, lol. But I can’t get through the day without it!

  151. I like my coffee bold! I drink it black. Once in a while for a treat, I add a little cream and sugar. I LOVE coffee!

  152. For my dh, definitely BOLD, for me—silky smooth coffee sweetened with stevia and whole milk added!

  153. I like it smooth. A little fat free cream and equal.

  154. Cynnamon Stanford says:

    At my house we like our coffee bold and flavorful.

  155. Smooth with cream or soy milk, splenda and sometimes flavorings

  156. Hope Mitchner says:

    I like my coffee bold but smooth – I’m not picky or anything. lol

  157. maureen keim says:

    I would love to try this black silk folgers!!!!

  158. Jennifer says:

    I love my coffee!! I do like a coffee with a bold flavor. Yummy!

  159. Leslie M.P. says:

    We like smooth around here…with lots of cream! Thanks for the giveaway!

  160. Charity L. says:

    Over here we like coffee flavored and on ice!

  161. I love it smooth with a flavored cream.

  162. I love my coffee bold without bitterness. I put in some Coconut Milk French Vanilla creamer (allergic to dairy) and some sugar. I love starting my day with coffee….so relaxing and refreshing. I’d love to try the new Folgers Silk…we currently use Folgers Classic Roast. It’s a bit bitter for me, but since the hubs likes it, i just put plenty of cream and sugar in…

  163. I don’t like coffee but my hubby likes it bold and black.

  164. Molllie says:

    I love iced coffee. But has to be vanilla or caramel with not too much coffee flavor bite! lol

  165. bold. very bold. but with a spoonful of sugar!

  166. Jennifer says:

    I really like iced coffee. I prefer it to hot coffee (which I don’t drink too often). Try cold brewing it. It’s awesome.

  167. I drink one cup a day…unless it’s one of THOSE days…then I may need a little something in the afternoon. Just to see me thru… ;o)
    I like a smooth and creamy coffee.
    Which makes “real” coffee drinkers choke! ;o)
    This a great giveaway, Jessica!

  168. Michelle says:

    I like mine with french vanilla creamer & sugar…hot in the colder months & over ice in the summertime!! Coffee = a happier me! πŸ™‚

  169. Folgers Black Silk is our all time favorite. Second runner up is Dunkin Donuts coffee though.

    Extraordinary Life

  170. I like my coffee with cream and sugar, but my husband (the coffee addict) likes it just with cream.

  171. I like mine with scome french vanilla creamer and a little sweetner.

  172. Mary E.S. says:

    I like my coffee strong with creamer and drink at least a pot full each day.

  173. Allison says:

    I love my coffee strong, but with no bitter aftertaste. The best coffee I’ve ever had was in Honduras. No aftertaste at all!

  174. Amanda C. says:

    Love Folgers and would love to try this one. I like to drink it black.

  175. jeanine says:

    i like my coffee with lots of flavored creamer

  176. Strong with whole milk, yum!

  177. People in my house like their coffee on the bold side. Me, I like it with a tot of Amarula in it in the evenings!

  178. Bold and smooth around here! :o)

  179. I like bold but not bitter. I have not been a fan of Folgers in the past, but I’d love to try this new kind if it’s as good as you say it is.

  180. I like it strong with tons of sugar!!

  181. I like a strong dark roast, just not burnt! πŸ™‚

  182. Tracey J says:

    I love coffee w/ cream & sugar…anything that’s not weak/watered down.

  183. Carmen Erickson says:

    We definitely love good strong coffee around here! Hubby likes his black, I like mine with some cream and a little sugar.

  184. I love Folgers coffee and always have. I like my coffee with a little cream and on occasion I have a doughnut or cinnamon roll with it but usually just my peanut butter toast for breakfast.

  185. nancye6 says:

    Bold flavors w/milk and a little sugar

  186. I haven’t yet tried “Black Silk”! What a delicious name! I can envision myself, lounging in my new “Black Silk” robe, sipping this smooth brew and watching the ducks glide by! Can’t wait!

  187. Michelle says:

    We love a good cup of coffee at our house. Bold and smooth are both a must with some french vanilla creamer πŸ™‚

  188. I like a bold roast with a little splenda and sugar free vanilla or hazelnut creamer. Sometimes I go a week with just half and half. Either way….I gota have my morning cup of coffee.

  189. I like mine with cream and a little sugar, but I don’t want it to be weak. I need something strong.

  190. Marlene says:

    I prefer a bold tasting coffee. Thanks for the opportunity!

  191. Coffee snob here! I love drinking a dark roasted coffee…esp if it’s local. Or Peets. πŸ™‚

  192. I like coffee that is pretty bold, but then I add lots of yummy cream…. MMMM…. so good!

  193. smooth. Different flavors

  194. Bold and smooth the way coffee should be! Real sugar & Half & Half. No flavored coffee, please. Been drinking Folger’s for years (brand my mama always used), and love the Black Silk and Brazilian roast.

  195. farisfamily says:

    I am a coffee snub here too! I love my coffee smooth. I have not tried the black silk but look forward to.

  196. Katherine says:

    My husband is a coffee snob, and insists that Folgers is really some kind of mulch in a jar. I’d love to prove him wrong!

  197. I like my coffe sweet and platinum blonde is how I say it. Yes living in Washington state, some would call this a sin, but I just love my sweet and creamy coffee. I also got a toddy maker at a garage sale and make toddy for hot or iced coffee. Toddy is cold filtered coffee and is less acidic. I love it and I have used all kinds of coffee to make it with. As an old waitress, I cannot make coffe well even with a coffee maker. The best coffee I ever made was when I lived in Maui and worked at Kapalua Bay Hotel. MMMMM. people used to buy it for $100 dollars for a 5lb bag. Yikes! Bottom line all I had to do was put the filter in, put it under the grinder and viola! perfect coffee every time.
    Teresa Lamb-Ramirez
    Ferndale, Washington

  198. I like my coffee with lots of yummy creamer in it!

  199. Jessica Ward says:

    I didn’t drink coffee until a year after I married my husband… took him a while to convert me. πŸ™‚ I prefer mild, smooth coffee with real cream while my husband loves to experiment with new flavors across the coffee spectrum. Folgers is our go to morning coffee after trying several others.

  200. Christina says:

    I love my coffee Bold & Smooth. In fact I often buy the Black Silk Folgers. I add cream to mine. YUMMY!

  201. Bold with creamer!

  202. I like my coffee smooth, but it must be folgers and only folgers. I know I will have a good day as long as I have my cup of folgers

  203. I prefer coffee with a bold flavor. I haven’t tried the Bold and Smooth from Folgers but I would love too!

  204. beth watler says:

    I learned to love coffee late in life. My daughter was working at a well-known coffeehouse franchise, & would bring samples home for me, but I always thought they tasted a little on the “burnt” side. So I started buying grocery store brands, & have alway kept looking for my favorite. I love to have three cups of coffee, over ice, with sweetener. I used to add milk, but am trying to stay away from dairy. I don’t want to give up my coffee. I would just love to win the Folger’s coffee, because I have never won anything in my life, except the love of a great man, & my fabulous 7 children….

  205. Olivia McGarvey says:

    I like my coffee smooth! I especially love specialty coffee drinks. : )

  206. Vanessa says:

    I like my coffee smooth with french vanilla creamer.

  207. i like mine with splenda, a little sugar and cream (real cream) or half in half at times.

  208. I like it all, but I hate when it’s too weak or tastes watery. So I like it strong with french vanilla creamer and splenda!

  209. My husband and I like it bold, and would love to try something new. Thanks for the chance.

  210. Shannon B says:

    I love my coffee bold, black and robust! I’d love to try the new folger’s black silk!

  211. jessica says:

    i like my coffee with either lots and lots of cream and sugar or the frozen kind! My hubby is the real coffee drinker in the house.

  212. SavageAnderson says:

    1/2 regular, 1/2 decaf, a little bit of cream, sometimes sugar.

  213. Jennaroo says:

    Love the bold flavor with hazel nut coffee creamer

  214. Denise C. says:

    I like my coffee smooth with a wee bit of oomph to it! Nothing says “oh happy day” like coffee!

  215. Hannah Cook says:

    i love coffee and my husband even more so! i really like it with ice, sucanat sugar, and vanilla!

  216. I drink Folgers every morning. I love to add flavored creamer, but the coffee has to have a bold enough strong flavor so you can still get all the flavor of both coffee and cream.

  217. *nodding head* at the coffee snob comment. I am too … once I tried good coffee, I just could NOT bring myself to go to regular run of the mill coffee … but someone else told me the black silk is good too … soooooo with the price of coffee the way it is nowdays … it’s definitely something I’m thinking of … like my coffee STRONG but then I sweeten with equal (or equivalent) and half and half, non flavored πŸ™‚

  218. I like mine strong, iced, and with white chocolate caramel latte creamer! YUM.

  219. Smooth with flavored creamer and sugar! (The flavor changes, depending on my mood that day.)

  220. Oh how I love coffee! I like it strong, but not bitter! I just recently bought a mild blend by Folgers! I have Starbucks in the AM and Flogers in the PM! See I love coffee. πŸ™‚

  221. We like our coffee smooth with a lil milk or creamer depending on the day!! If I had a great ice coffee recipe I would probably drink it all day long.

  222. Charity says:

    I like my coffee strong with a little sugar and milk.

  223. Heidi Rotert says:

    Bold is best! I love my coffee plain, but splurge once in a while with great creamer or Splenda flavors for Coffee.

  224. We like our coffee bold and smoooth! Mine with a touch of sugar and hubs likes sugar and cream or milk in his brew

  225. It is my husband who loves the coffee! But I must say – 4 cannisters will last him all of maybe 2 months! LOL He drinks coffee morning – noon – and night!

  226. Dianne M. says:

    I love Folgers in my cup in the morning but for a special treat a …… **Black Silk Smoothie**
    1/4 cup Folgers Black Silk Coffee, cooled to room temperature
    1/2 cup 1% low-fat milk
    1/2 cup fat-free vanilla yogurt or ice cream
    about 3 ice cubes
    1/2 tsp sugar, superfine
    2 tsp cocoa powder
    1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
    In a blender, combine all ingredients; puree until smooth.
    Pour into a tall, chilled glass; you may sprinkle with additional cinnamon

  227. We like Folgers French Roast. It’s nice and smooth. But I also like a robust, bold flavor every now and then.

  228. We like our drink with half strong coffee half almond milk & creamer.

  229. I want my coffe Black, and Strong! 2 cups in the morning. I have a nice china mug that I like my coffee in I hate thick mugs or plastic anything against my lips. So nice dark, black, strong coffee with a good clean coffee smell. That’s how I like my Morning Hello! I don’t like bitter coffee, just a regular nice brew, and please no instant.

  230. Trina Coley says:

    I like dark roast coffee. But I also want my coffee to be blonde and sweet, just like me πŸ™‚

  231. We are coffee snobs around here, too! My hubby only buys it from the roaster and it is very expensive but it’s his” splurge” in life. I would love to try this product and see if he would like it. Even if I don’t win, I might just try it myself :)!

  232. Rebecca P says:

    I actually don’t drink coffee, but my husband loves it…and he loves it BLACK. He considers himself a purist ;o)

  233. I love this coffee. It’s very smooth. It’s perfect in the morning.

  234. Black Silk Folgers is one of our favorites! But, I’m afraid 4 canisters wouldn’t last us 6 months! We both like our coffee strong and black… Ah, soothing!

  235. I love it strong and smooth, with a little cream and sugar!

  236. smooth…and chocolate!

  237. Strong with flavored creamer. Hot or iced.

  238. I’d say I like my coffee creamy. I don’t like it to be too strong but I also despise weak coffee. I add a lot of cream so that its a carmelly color.

  239. Crystal Hankey says:

    I just love coffee, coffee, coffee! Hot, iced, plain, with added goodies. You name it. Have loved it since I was a little girl.

  240. Sunny C says:

    I love a good cup of dark Coffee…My favorite way to drink it is with a dash of Chocolate, a teaspoon of sugar, and a splash of Milk. It is Heaven in a cup!
    I really hope that I am one of the lucky winners, as I would like to try this Coffee!!
    Good Luck Everyone!!! πŸ™‚

  241. I like my coffee hot, strong and bittersweet… Just the way i like my man πŸ˜‰

  242. I have to have my coffee every morning & I like a good strong, bold flavor with some cinnamon added before brewing and fat free creamer & stevia. Enjoying a cup right now!

  243. Love my morning coffee – have to have it! We go for a french roast typically, or something bold, then brew it extra strong. That way when you add your cream (and I add some sweetener too) you can still taste the great coffee flavor – what’s the point of drinking coffee if you can’t taste it? πŸ˜‰

  244. I love my coffee strong and black – the stronger and blacker the better!!

  245. I like my coffee with either milk or coffeemate.

  246. I love a good smooth cup of coffee, and I have to have a some flavored creamer to go with it, I drink several cups a day!! Would love to win this gift pack!

  247. No morning can start until I’ve had a cup (or 12) of coffee. No need to ruin good coffee with cream and sugar. I need it strong and black.

  248. We really enjoy our morning cups of coffee. Although we like what we call “frou frou” coffees, our current budget dictates that I buy the best I can of what’s on sale & w/coupons. That is often Folgers, and we like it. I drink mine with lots of milk and maybe a touch of honey; hubby likes his with way too much honey and a touch of half & half. πŸ™‚

  249. Coffee is an essential luxury, and something that I would find difficult to give up.
    I love to start my day with a cup of freshly-brewed coffee. It has to be full-bodied, smooth and hot. I take it black without sugar, and love the way it helps me face Monday mornings!
    Never tried Black Silk, but it does sound my cup of coffee. Hope I get lucky!

  250. Kathleen Guy says:

    I just started drinking coffee!!! Didn’t realize what I’ve been missing all this time. I’m still adding a bunch of sweetener and milk or cream…have to toughen up to taking it stronger!!

  251. Johanna S. says:

    I like mine “average”, not bold but not mild, either. I have tried the Black Silk and LOVED it; it was just right!

  252. My husband and I like our coffee black and smooth.

  253. I like a bold, smooth cup of coffee with a little cream…mmmmm. My weekend treat!

  254. I like mine smooth….
    gingeroo616 at aol dot com

  255. I love strong, bold coffee. I would love to try this Folgers!

  256. I love my coffee bold and strong, with raw milk!

  257. Smooth, but not weak!

  258. estherbel says:

    I like my coffe when it works best; on a lazy morning, all black!

  259. Melissa rodriguez says:

    I like my coffee smooth, bold, and over ice with milk. It’s getting hot over here and with no A/C everything needs to be over ice!

  260. Love bold smooth coffee! Would love to win this prize!

  261. We like our coffee bold. Hubby drinks his black. I add a splash of milk.

  262. Stephanie says:

    I’ve always liked splenda and half and half in my coffee I used to like gevalia and it started to give me headaches we have since switched to cheap coffee and really like it eight o’clock and chase and sanborn.

  263. Heather says:

    I like my coffee strong with cream and sugar!

  264. Bold! No question… πŸ™‚

  265. Michelle Crook says:

    black silk is actually my favorite of “store type” brands. Love it!
    thanks for the giveaway, and bold is the only way to go…

  266. I love coffee, and the bolder the flavor the better!

  267. I haven’t tried the Black Silk but it sounds great. I love bold coffee with a dash of cinnamon.

  268. Jenny C. says:

    My coffee? ICED, even when it’s cold outside and very creamy and sweet! Yummy, now would be a good time for some!

  269. Smooth with about a 1/4 of French Vanilla Creamer. YUM!

  270. Oh Jessica!
    Coffee is the magic word for me. I LOVE it smooth and even cheat a little now and then and add a little heavy cream! Can you say HEAVENLY?!? I would love to try the Folgers Silk.

  271. I like a nice medium roast, something with just a little kick!

  272. I love Eight O’Clock’s Italian Roast coffee. Would love to try Folger’s Black Silk.

  273. Linda Riello says:

    I do not like coffee but my husband does, and bold is always a good choice over smooth he says.

  274. i love dark bold Folgers coffee!!! the darker the better!

  275. Jessica says:

    I like it STRONG, but with a good splash of real cream and several teaspoons of sugar…

    Unfortunately my diet doesn’t like it that way ;-P

  276. Martha in Georgia says:

    My husband and I love bold coffee. I’m not a fan but I’ll consider giving this Black Silk a try!

  277. stephiedee says:

    Wake-me-up coffee is my favorite kind, with a splash of caramel-flavored cream. πŸ™‚

  278. I love my cuppa Folgers coffee silky smooth, full of depth & flavor. It’s the best way to get up in the morning & even better when you share it with your the one you love. The aroma is intoxicating first thing in the morning! best part of my day.

  279. Annette says:

    I drink Folgers, mostly because I don’t know any better! I would say I like my coffee smooth…and ALWAYS with cream!! Yum…

  280. I love bold smooth coffee and hadn’t seen this kind yet! Sounds good!

  281. I don’t know much about coffee yet as I just started to appreciate it. I hope this still qualifies me πŸ™‚ I do know that I don’t like it to bitter. Does that mean smooth coffee for me? πŸ™‚

  282. Crystal says:

    I love my coffee smooth. Nothing like a good cup of coffee in the morning, oh and as an afternoon pick me up!

  283. Because of our budget, we pretty much drink whatever costs less, but I love smooth coffee. I was spoiled while working as a barista and it has been tough to deal with drinking whatever we can afford (but definitely worth it).

  284. Iced for me lately — two tablespoons of creamer with a little sweetner over ice. YUM.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  285. Coffee is a must have around here! I love a good Columbian… smmoooth and rich and LOTS of it!

  286. I like almost any kind of coffee as long as it’s with cream and sugar!

  287. iced, creamy and not super strong…
    DH likes it hot and close to jet fuel…
    thank goodness for creamer!

  288. This has to be one of my favorite Folgers blends. We don’t buy it a lot though because it is hardly ever on sale. Love it still!!!

  289. Heather says:

    Definitely a breakfast blend smoothed out with lots of cream!

  290. Emily Jo says:

    I like mine medium roast with a little milk or cream and a tiny bit of sugar. My hubby likes his bold and smooth with LOTS of sugar πŸ™‚

  291. Linda Herrick says:

    I like my coffee bold and sweet. We only drink Folgers here and only buy when it is on sale. We have not tried the Black Silk yet but it sounds interesting!

  292. Cathy Hocutt says:

    I am a fu-fu coffee drinker. I love it hot or cold but with lots of fluff (stevia & milk). My husband likes his black but is starting to come over to my side. I see him adding a bit of stevia and when I’m not looking a little milk too! πŸ™‚

  293. We drink Folgers sometimes…when the budget demands. I like mine with 1/2 & 1/2 and raw sugar!! YUM!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  294. Kelly Braughler says:

    I like my coffee smooth and strong!