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What’s on My Plate?

After all that talk last week about tuna fish sandwiches, I started to get a craving for the version that is popular in the South of France. You may remember that I studied at the Universite in Bordeaux during college. I also had a sweet family in Toulouse “adopt me” for weekends and holidays.

They made sure that I tried any number of culinary delights and specialties from France. And when we vacationed on the Mediterranean, this sandwich was among them. I wish I had good food pictures from back then. Sigh….

So, while I was walking down Memory Lane the other day, reading all your comments, I felt this extreme urge for this sandwich.

A pan bagnat is a kind of “bathed” sandwich. You want it dripping with good French vinaigrette dressing. Mine was pretty basic.

I added cilantro just to be wild and crazy. And a “real one” would have sliced onion and hardboiled egg. But the best part is the dressing. Drizzle it liberally over your sandwich

My French “mom” taught me the dressing. And there really isn’t a recipe. It’s done by feel more than anything. So, these measurements are approximate. I’ll have to do a vlog someday on vinaigrette.

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  1. Oh that sandwich looks awesome! Would love one of those for lunch today!

  2. Thank you for hosting. I shared my Buttermilk Cheddar Jack Biscuits. They were gone so quick!

  3. I love all the fresh looking toppings on that sandwich. I shared a Cinco de Mayo idea #9.

  4. Oh, wow! That sandwich does look good. I can’t wait for fresh tomatoes; they would be wonderful on a sandwich like that. Please share more recipes that you picked up while in France!

    My recipe today used up old banana chips I found in the cabinet. I would say that it didn’t receive rave reviews from the kids, but it tasted fine to me. Perhaps they’re just not fond of banana bread?

  5. yum, they all sound so good! just linked up!

  6. Thanks for hosting the link-up. A lot of these recipes look delicious.

  7. I linked up my tart. Thanks for hosting 🙂

  8. Thank you for hosting this link party! 🙂

  9. Its great to see what other people are cooking up. Thanks for hosting!


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