My Dream Dinner

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The FishFam Trifecta approaches. Mother’s Day, our anniversary, and my birthday all fall within a 19 day period. My poor husband.

Over the years, I’ve tried to have realistic expectations. Three ginormous celebrations are more than he, our budget, or even I could bear. But, I know that we will have at least one great celebratory dinner this month.

And it will probably be at home.

And involve steak, potatoes, salad, and cheesecake. A baguette and a glass of red wine will make an appearance, too. Maybe a cheese plate.

And I might even cook some of it myself.

The best part is spending time with the people I love — and enjoying good cheap eats.

What’s YOUR dream dinner?

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  1. Chic Mummy says:

    Our family is almost exactly the same: mothers day, our anniversary and the my husband’s birthday all within 1 week this year. We’re planning a special dinner at home, too!

  2. Mother’s Day and my hubby’s birthday are always within days of each other. I’ve actually asked him if he wanted to move his birthday, so he’d truly get the day to himself without it being overshadowed, but he always says ‘no’.

  3. mary jackson says:

    Wow! I’m inspired now to make carnitas! I’m always looking for ways to save money and still have great celebrations and this will definitely be added to my “favorites”. From the end of May to the beginning of July we have 6 birthdays and 2 anniversaries — a big family for big celebrations!

  4. Hmmm…. my dream dinners totally depend on my mood. But for Mother’s day, my dream meal was a crusty Panera Bread sandwich and some of their salad.
    Other times, I love just eating pizza, propped up on the couch with my hero after the kiddo is in bed. Fondu is also a fun treat!

    Great thoughts on being home with family and enjoying special-occasion good cheap eats together. Your perspective is a fabulous example!

  5. Well, I love anything easy! I just really love being with my family, so whether we pick up pizza, I make something in the crock pot, or try a new recipe, the best part is the family being together and also by not eating out (unless we get the pizza) we save a lot of money! For Mother’s Day we had leftover ham from Easter that I had frozen and some frozen vegetables and a box of leftover stuffing from Christmas! Oh and a frozen pie I bought to serve at Easter, just in case we needed it. So everything was already bought and basically made! Actually, it was just my husband and myself this Mother’s Day. Years ago I would have felt sorry for myself having to cook, but not any more!

  6. We have the same trifecta in our house! Mother’s Day is always right after my birthday, and our anniversary is 8 days after my birthday. We went out for my birthday and Mother’s Day. This year is our first anniversary, so I’ll probably make something special for dinner. My husband loves chicken marsala, so maybe that’ll be on the menu.

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