I’ll Have the Usual

Are you a food adventurer, choosing something different for every meal? Or do you lean toward a few choice favorites? I fall in between.

I have some meals that I just love, and really, why mess with perfection?

A Turkey Baguette Sandwich is one of those. Since we discovered the French bakery a couple miles from our house, purchasing four loaves of real French bread hot from the oven is one of our weekend rituals. Sometimes, we have petit dejeuner. Other times we have sandwiches.

And this turkey sandwich is out of this world. Pile the components on in this order, because ingredient order matters in sandwiches: fresh baguette, oven roasted turkey, sometimes a little cheddar, lettuce, onion, pepperoncinis, tomato, and a slathering of mayonnaise. Delish!

It’s not typically French, but it’s good anyway.

Last weekend I considered inventing a different sandwich, but why mess with perfection?

What about you, do you have “the usual?”

Or do you like to eat something different?

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  1. I am definitely an “if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it” girl when it comes to food. And on the rare occasion I do try something new, I’m usually disappointed!

  2. I fall between as well. To keep the kitchen and groceries streamlined, we have may of the same basic meals every week with slight variations to accomodate what was on sale or what needs to be eaten in the fridge. About once a week I’ll try something new or something out of the ordinary!
    Works great – we get to eat what we enjoy, but we don’t get tired of it.

  3. I drive my husband nuts because I always pick something different. It can be a restaurant we’ve been to 5,832 times but I will still sit there and scan the menu for something new.

  4. I love something new. I started a blog in January… we’ve only repeated one meal. So what does that tell you? Haha!

    My favorite local restuarant is one that has a menu up in brown wrap paper… because it changes daily!

  5. i couldn’t agree more about the order of components being important in a sandwich. i am the only one at my house allowed to make my sandwich. hubby has tried before but i can tell a difference. he thinks i’m being ridiculous.

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