A Spa Lunch (& What’s On Your Plate?)

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Welcome to What’s On Your Plate?!

What’s on Your Plate? is designed to be a conversation amongst good eaters. Tell us about a recent meal.

Did it meet with rave reviews? Or did it bomb? What side dishes did you pair with the star of the show? Did you try a new ingredient? Find the groceries at great prices?

Share what’s on your plate! Each week a featured foodie* will share his or her plate and then the rest of us will get a chance to link up our own posts or share in the comments what good cheap eats we’ve been enjoying.

What’s on MY Plate?

Doesn’t a spa lunch sound elegant? I served up a simple “snacky lunch” of cheese, crackers, veggies, hummus, and fruit for my kids this week. As I served up my own plate, I realized that it’s probably the simple fare that you might be served at a spa: simple, healthy, filling.

One thing that I did while dishing up the plate was to check servings sizes of the different components. It was weird to see that the plate wasn’t full. But after eating, I realized that it was “enough.”

A good lesson in thinking about the overeating I regularly do.

What’s on YOUR Plate?

Share with us a recent meal you prepared. Either link it up below or tell us about it in the comments. Please make sure that you link to in your post so others know where the dinner party is.

And don’t forget to visit the other good eaters participating today. I’m sure you will be inspired to make all sorts of Good Cheap Eats at your house.

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  1. I LOVE meals like this! I recently made some pumpkin hummus and at this for dinner like 3 days in a row. Yum!

  2. That looks good. : ) I read Candace Cameron Bure’s book recently, and she talks about eating until you’re satisfied rather than eating until you’re full …

  3. Such a wonderful, healthy meal.

  4. Mmm, looks great!

  5. We switched to smaller plates a few years ago. That way our plates look more full and we eat less. It works amazingly well (as long as I don’t have seconds and thirds!)

  6. That looks so good. I’m in a lunch rut and need to re-introduce meals like this. I used to live off of hummus, wheat crackers and carrots. Maybe hummus needs to go back on the grocery list this week.

  7. Delicious! We had something similar for lunch recently and called it a “buffet.” Our 5-year-old son loved it because there were so many tasty choices. He had no idea how healthy it all was!

  8. AllieZirkle says:

    After working for a spa company, you’re missing 1 vital piece of a woman’s spa lunch – a lovely piece of chocolate 🙂

    I batch cook chicken and slice and freezer in lunch baggies in 5 oz portions. I can use 3 -4 baggies for a dinner meal or 1 for myself for a salad topper. Yum!

  9. This really looks satisfying and healthy. Wonderful!

  10. I just linked up a recipe for Beef Wellington’s that was not so spa like, but super delicious! Just found your site. Looks great!

  11. It looks like the perfect lunch to me. I am a hummus freak….love trying different flavors! Thanks for hosting.

  12. Hmmm, “Spa Lunch” – is that what that kind of meal is called? Awesome. That’s one of our favorite meals around here – one of my favorite to clean up after too. 🙂

  13. Hi! I added the Flaky Spiral ‘Siew Pau’ pastry.. It’s something we like to eat in Malaysia.. hehe. Hope you like it!

  14. The first link I entered takes you to my home page, which is obviously not what I wanted…so please delete it. I added what I wanted correctly the second time – banana oatmeal pancakes 🙂 enjoy!

  15. We made an awesome sausage, lentil and brown rice soup that is delicious and great for leftovers! It fed us each a dinner and three lunches! And it’s nice and cheap- if you can find the sausage on sale, it’s about $5 for the whole pot.

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