Pantry Challenge 2011: Day Two

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This was Day 2 of my Pantry Challenge to make the most of the resources we have. If you want to join me, go check out the details here.

Here’s what I served my family today

Breakfast – Donuts

This is our last vacation day, so we celebrated with sleeping in and donuts.

Lunch – Fish ‘n’ Chips, Clam Chowder

Going along with that “last day of vacation theme,” we headed to the beach to play and then lunch at a favorite fish stand, Harbor Fish Cafe. One kid carved sand sculptures while the big guys threw the football.

This was “planned dining” — not to be confused with “well, we don’t know what to eat at home, we’re hungry, so let’s grab fast food” dining. We try to allow at least two to three meals per week for eating out, depending on what’s going on. Eating Out Money doesn’t come from Grocery Money.

I crack up at myself. It was a long walk from the beach where we were playing to the restaurant. I walk faster than my husband. When there are 8 of you and 6 in the party are under 15, the crowd is either in a crowded bunch or one long train. I was leading the train into the restaurant.

As I was walking in, a couple was walking out. I didn’t recognize them, but they had this “star” quality about them.

Only after hubs walked in and we could see the couple getting into their car did FishPapa let me know that it was Junior Seau, San Diego restaurateur and former football player. Duh. Made me laugh! Had I known, I would have snapped a photo of them. But, that would have mortified my husband, so maybe not.

The fish and chips were fantastic as was the clam chowder. Five out of six children were clamoring for more chowder, so I guess I better learn how to make it at home.

After the tip, we spent $45 to feed 8 people. Not as inexpensive as eating at home, but a fun memory, nonetheless.

Dinner – Hot Dogs, Homemade Buns, Veggies and Dip, Potato Chips

Obviously, our first two meals of the day were from our Eating Out budget. Dinner was a fairly easy fix, hot dogs from the freezer and homemade hot dog buns, using the bread machine to make the dough.

Do you ever see celebrities when you go out?

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  1. Love that you make homemade buns. I wasn’t planning to start participating in the Challenge until probably next week, but realized as I was putting my chili today that is was made with all pantry items, leftovers from Christmas (turkey and my “veggie dish” with zucchini, squash, tomatoes, and peppers), and other items I already had on hand. Off to a good start!

  2. mom23boys says:

    cool! i saw Julia Roberts come into a great breakfast/organic place that a friend and I eat at from time to time. Everyone just stopped eating and stared at her. of course, that could also be because she was smooching all over her husband (when they were still dating)!

  3. We must live really close to each other. 😉 I used to work at La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad and on my work I would pass the Harbor Fish Cafe. I used to see a lot of celebrities at La Costa, especially during golf or tennis tournaments. Even though they are regular people it’s always fun to meet a celebrity in person. I’m going to check out the Harbor Fish House sometime in the future. Fidel’s around the corner (it has a new name which I don’t recall) is really good too for Mexican food.

  4. we did good today. breakfast was toast and oatmeal, lunch was sandwiches and any leftovers you wanted from the fridge and dinner was white chili (used the last of the thanksgiving turkey from the freezer and everything else came from the pantry).

    love that you have a dining out budget. that’s a cash envelope i am adding this year. planning for it will eliminate the guilt.

  5. I have to say we love, love, love clam chowder. I’ve found the big cans of clams at Costco and the recipe on the can makes the best chowder. It’s so easy and so good. You’ve just got to try it.

  6. No….even though we live way up north….supposedly they end up here quite often. Some of my friends said they saw the guy that played Jerry on ER for so long here shopping at Costco. Other ones own houses near here too….for me…I have seen people I think look like them, but I usually don’t stare and figure that they need their privacy and love to come up there as people don’t fuss over them.

  7. I saw Julia Barr (Brooke from All my Children) at the Chicago O’Hare airport before Christmas. I used to watch that when I didn’t have kids, now no time and they are too trashy!!

  8. We have annual passes to Disneyland and have seen several celebrities but they always dress down. Just look for the Disney employee with them that are wearing plaid. That alerts us to look and see. Last time I was waiting at Blue Bayou restaurant and they kept saying ” no openings for several days.” Up walks the Disney employee who was guiding the celebrity around and they got instant reservations for dinner that night. I forgot who she was but the people next to me said she was on LA Law. I have seen George from Seinfeld and the tall guy from Everybody loves Raymond. He was really scruffy and had old clothes on- really dressed down but we noticed him because of the guide and his height also. My sister notices people at LAX airport and Dodger games that I have just passed by so you have to be good at faces to notice people!

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