Pantry Challenge 2011: Day Three

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This was Day of my Pantry Challenge. If you want to join me, go check out the details here.

‘Twas cold and wet in these here parts today. Gloomy skies make me appreciate the sun so much more!

Here’s what I served my family today

Breakfast – Fresh Pineapple, Chocolate Butterhorns

I stocked up on pineapples before Christmas for 88 cents a piece. Yes, really. So, I cut up one for breakfast and served chocolate butterhorns that I pulled from the freezer last night.

Lunch – Choice of frozen burritos,  turkey sandwiches, or hot dogs leftover from last night

Dinner – Soup Night – Minestrone, Cheesy Chowder with Butternut Squash, and Corn Bread

It wasn’t what I had originally planned for tonight’s menu, but the cold, wet weather forced my hand. I tested a cheesy chowder recipe for the cookbook. I had a butternut squash leftover from our CSA in October. Added that; it was yummy! I made minestrone for those who don’t love creamy, delectable soups. We had cornbread on the side.

So far, so good. Everything’s from the freezer, fridge, or pantry.

What kind of soup do YOU prefer?

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  1. I would love to get my hands on that cheesy chowder recipe! My family’s favorite soups are minestrone, split pea with bacon, and butternut squash and white bean.

    As for pantry cooking: does it count if your husband makes pancakes and eggs? Didn’t require a trip to the store. 🙂

  2. personally, there isn’t a soup i don’t like. to get my husband to eat it, it must be hearty. we had leftover white chili tonight with crackers. hit the spot!

  3. Me too! That sounds yummy!

  4. Angela Shrader says:

    Left over Deer chili from a few days ago!

  5. We had leftover beef stew that I made with 1/2 pkg. of stew meat and corn (from the freezer) and about half of the remaining veggies in my refrigerator.

    Tomorrow will be pork carnitas and my 13 year old daughter’s first experience using the Crock Pot without me.

  6. Broccoli soup is one of my favorites, I also like a potato soup, but my all time favorite is a good hearty ground beef vegetable soup!! Yum!!! with homemade whole wheat bread.

  7. Soup is always good on those days!
    We had cereal breakfasts, meatball mini subs from the freezer for lunch and chicken drumsticks, salad and mac and cheese for dinner.
    I do need to hit the store for milk and produce today – but that’s it!

  8. Our favorite soups are Broccoli Cheese, Ham and Potato, and Chicken Noodle or Rice. I like Bean with Bacon, but the others aren’t so thrilled with that one.

    We are still eating holiday leftovers – lots of company over New Years weekend, so making the most of what they did’t eat :-). I will have to start cooking again about Thursday.

  9. I love soup — especially on cold, dreary days. One of my favorites is baked potatoe soup topped with a sprinkle of cheddar cheese, bacon and green onions. So good!

  10. Any chance you could post the cheddar soup recipe? Sounds yummy!!

  11. I made a yummy potato soup from our leftover mashed potatoes (after Christmas). It was so good and so frugal and… I wish I had a bowl right now!

    Here is the recipe:

  12. I too have soup night whether it is a hit or not! I like the creamy soups while the rest of the family would rather never have soup. I will keep looking for the day you share the cheesy chowder recipe! Yum!

  13. I love creamy soups…especially cream of potatoe…with a some crumbled bacon and shredded cheddar cheese on top. Now I’m hungry!

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