Pantry Challenge 2011: Day Ten

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This was Day Ten of my Pantry Challenge. If you want to join me, go check out the details and sign up here.

Here’s what I served my family today

Breakfast – Special K cereal, milk, fruit

These were all purchases from the last week since we were running out of cereal, milk, and fruit. I don’t buy cereal “just ’cause,” but it was a decent price at $1 a box.

Lunch – Hard cooked egg sandwiches, veggies, leftover Lasagna, Beans and Rice

Some kids like leftovers, some don’t. Everybody pretty much got what he wanted.

Dinner – Chicken, Curried Potatoes, Broccoli, and Leftover Corn

My mom regularly made “Curried Potatoes” when I was growing up. I hadn’t made them in years. But the chicken experiment wasn’t as flavorful as I had hoped, so I wanted the side dishes to have more zing. Simply add curry powder to your home fries. Just prepare to have bright yellow cooking utensils.

Overall, a good day. We’re all getting colds, so I’m happy to be resting this month.

How are YOU doing?

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  1. doing great……….thanks to you…….had to replenish the veg today…….but overall that’s it and lots more food left………kids are wanting their “stuff” but Mom is hanging tough…..time to learn how to eat properly

  2. This cold thing is across the nation! I too have been sick and still am but at least I’m functional now! Your daily update on the pantry challenge is extremely motivational … look forward to see how the end of the month pans out … I feel like I may have to go for two months worth since I don’t seem to be making a dent in the freezers and pantry just yet, even though I know I’ve removed alot of stuff 🙂 We shall see!

  3. I just started, but have my menus created and am on my way…I’ll just be posting supper’s because 2 of my kids are in school during the week, one child has a different menu (he has Autism) and my older son lives with us.

    ALL from my pantry…except milk:

    Monday’s Supper- Tuna Noodle Casserole and Homemade Bread -done
    (nothing purchased)

    Tuesday’s plan- Bisquick Pancakes and Bacon (and Oranges before they go bad)
    (nothing new purchased)

  4. Denise C. says:

    We’re doing awesome with the pantry challenge! I’ve only had to buy milk, o.j. & oatmeal so far! I’m using up the meats I have in my freezer. (I buy all my meat at Costco, it lasts us for quiet a bit.) Tonight’s dinner will be simple. Pasta/sauce (just cheese for the kids), garlic bread. 🙂

  5. You’re doing a fabulous job feeding your family such well-rounded meals during this challenge! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. i’d like to try those potatoes. what’s the ratio of curry to potatoes?

  7. we are doing good, I got a sticker shock when i went to the store, but my goal was not to 100% eat from the pantry, just to be more mindful about using it and reducing my grocery bill

  8. I’m enjoying this immensely. I’m kind of with April because my freezer and pantry are pretty well stocked so I’m sure I could do this for another month. What is happening though, is that because I inventoried, I am making a point of using up some of the things that might otherwise get neglected and putting them in the rotation rather than getting to the bottom and having a week or more worth of oddball items that make eating out more appealing. I have picked up a few grocery items like coffee on a good special, and things to supplement what I am using from the freezer/pantry, resulting in about 30-40% less spent. I’ll set that aside for really good specials on things I need to restock later. Maybe this could become a permanent plan.

  9. Boy is it great timing for this. We couldn’t have gone shopping anyway, we’re snowed in. We had Tostadas and fake “meat”loaf yesterday and calzones today. Both were great. We’re eating great and haven’t had to buy anything yet.

  10. Ha! I didn’t know the Pantry Challenge was going down but inadvertently did a hard-core one for 6-8 weeks… with mixed results. Much inventive cooking, saving lots of money, but not an altogether happy ending. Read about it here, along with a recipe that is a must-have:

  11. The do you make them? Do you boil them first then add to the pain with the spices or do you start them out in the pan raw? Thanks!

  12. Challenge is going well. I have spent $62 of my allotted $100 for this 2 weeks so far. The rest of the money will be spent on food for the football party we are having on Saturday with 3 other couples and their children. If budget allows, I plan to make wings and strombolis. That will be the biggest expense. If it doesn’t allow, I will do nachos since the ground meat is in the freezer. I’ve been craving wings though like crazy! Hoping to get most of my sides from the other ladies coming to the party. But I want to have plenty of snacks! I know I can make this work!
    Yesterday’s meals went well. Breakfast was smoothies, lunch was leftover pasta and soup and supper was a family favorite, Crunchy Taco Bake. Plenty left for lunch today!

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