Pantry Challenge 2011: Day Seven

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This was Day Seven of my Pantry Challenge. If you want to join me, go check out the details and sign up here.

Today featured one of our regular trips to the orthodontist. With three kids wearing braces or a retainer, we spend a lot of time there. And part of the trip is to conclude with lunch at In-N-Out Burger. We get there right away so that the patient in question can eat quickly before his mouth gets too sore.

FishPapa met us there which is always a highlight. A fun surprise was that my little brother and two of his co-workers pulled into the parking spot right next to us as we arrived. So the eleven of us took up quite the large section of the restaurant.

Here’s what I served my family today

Breakfast – Toast, yogurt, clementines, bananas

Lunch –┬áIn-N-Out Burger

I’m sure we surprise many people by how we order fast food. My bill was $21.48 for 8 people. We buy each of the boys a burger, the girls share one, hubs and I each have a Double-Double, and then we split three orders of fries. By drinking water we keep our costs down significantly.

Would we love to gild the lily and have milkshakes, sodas, and a few more fries? Absolutely. But, as we talked it over with my brother and his friends, we really didn’t “need” more. Sure, we would prefer to be stuffed to the gills on food we love.

The question is: were we satisfied? Yes, yes, we were. And that is probably the secret to any pantry challenge: to be satisfied with enough.

Dinner – Pizza Night

The pizza dough, grated cheese, and sauce were in the freezer all ready to go. I added pepperoni, goat cheese crumbles, leftover chicken from last night, black olives, bell pepper, tomato, and some stuffed mushrooms from a few nights ago. I even made a new pizza creation that we might revisit again – Chicken Cacciatore Pizza with Goat Cheese.

What’s your secret to making a pantry challenge work for you?

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  1. We do the same thing with restaurants. Drink water and share fries. It makes so much sense with a big family! On the wallet and the waistline!

  2. Wow, way to save money while out to dinner with such a large group. Impressive! ~Leslie

  3. My husband and I went out to lunch and spent 22 with tip, but we each got an entree and shared an app. We just had water and before tip it was 18.

    We almost never go out to a “nice” place but we had a rare hour to ourselves and to me it was worth it, plus we stayed in our 25.00 budget!

  4. Subtracted from my pantry today (through baked goods), all a bit old and in need of being used up:
    – 1.5 jars peanut butter
    – 2 boxes brownie mix
    – 1 bag coconut
    – 1 bag PB chips
    – end of a jar of caramel sauce
    – miscellaneous other stuff, like milk

    Added to my pantry today:
    – eggs, to bake all the aforementioned stuff.

    There are going to be some happy tummies at work on Monday!

  5. What I’ve bought at the grocery store this week: Bread, tortillas, cheese, a jar of green salsa, beer and wine. What we’ve eaten (dinners only): Chili from leftover turkey and veggie dish; green salsa pork served over rice with beans on the side one night and made into burritos another; homemade butternut squash and cheddar soup (modified from your Cheesy Chowder recipe). Oh and 5 Guys burgers last night because we usually do one take-out night a week anyway. We also have leftover pork in the freezer and I’ll be putting some of the soup there soon.

    Not bad for my first week of the Pantry Challenge! I can see the shelves in my pantry now and my fridge looks pretty bare. Which makes me happy. Tomorrow I need to see what meats I have in the freezer and plan what I can do from that next week. I think we’re doing pannini for dinner tomorrow night with leftover soup.

    Next week’s shopping will consist of re-stocking what I used last week, milk, and basics for my daughter’s lunches. Though we do try to eat a lot of leftovers for lunch we do eat sandwiches and wraps a fair bit. I can’t wait to tally the total amount I’m spending on groceries for January! It should be good and satisfying. I haven’t even bought cereal yet because I had just picked up a huge box of Multigrain Cheerios at Costco before New Year’s.

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