Pantry Challenge 2011: Day Five

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This was Day Five of my Pantry Challenge. If you want to join me, go check out the details and sign up here.

Here’s what I served my family today

Breakfast – Breakfast Cookies, Applesauce, Pineapple Spears, Orange Juice from Frozen Concentrate

I think we got our intake of fruit for the day right here. I made the Breakfast Cookies last night, tweaking the ingredients based on what I had on hand: butter for coconut oil, etc. The applesauce was from the freezer. The pineapple was the last of the good deal from Henry’s. The orange juice I buy in packs of 6 from Costco and store in the freezer.

Lunch – Turkey or Egg Sandwiches and Wraps, Veggies

I made a wrap with hummus, hard cooked eggs, lettuce, and tomato. The kids made turkey or egg sandwiches. I made a big vegetable box full of snacking veggies.

Dinner – A Snacky Dinner

I had planned way too many appetizers for New Years that didn’t get made. So, we had a second Mocktail party with stuffed mushrooms, cheeses and bread, jalapeno poppers, frozen spring rolls, veggies and dip. The jalapenos were really spicy which limited how many people ate them, and the mushrooms were not as good as this other kind I made on NYE.

The bread was this fantastic Bob’s Red Mill mix that I bought on clearance from Henry’s for a buck! They were discontinuing it. Wish I had bought more! It has been a great thing to just toss water, oil, and the mix into the bread machine and let it do its work. The bread disappeared in a flash.

Do appetizers count as dinner in YOUR book?

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  1. Appetizers absolutely count!! If the food is good and bellies are full, it counts. 😉
    So far, so good on the pantry challenge at our house…
    until I got home from the gym this evening to discover that hubby & son got hungry and fixed nachos and ate ALL the cheese in the house. So I will have to get some cheese, but I’m going to put it off as long as I can. We’ve had pasta fagioli, red beans and rice, pasta with mushrooms, olives, tomatoes and feta, and breakfast (eggs, bacon, grits, waffles, fruit) for dinner so far this week. Breakfasts are usually eggs for hubby, yogurt or bagel for son, and whatever I can grab quickly from the kitchen for me. I make our lunches too, so if I can make it until the weekend to get cheese, I’ll be proud.

  2. Yes, definitely! Appetizers always count as a meal. At our house we eat these types of dinners in front of a family-friendly movie as a special treat. And I usually serve smoothies as well, to make sure we round out our meal with some dairy and fruit. 🙂

  3. Did you make the jalapeno poppers homemade? I would love to know how to make those!

    • @Martha Artyomenko, I did. I just mixed about 3 ounces of cream cheese with a handful of grated cheddar cheese. Then I filled about 6 or 7 jalapenos, cut in half and seeded, with the mixture. I wrapped a slice of bacon around each one. Bake for 20 minutes at 375 and then broil for a few minutes. Good, but spicy.

  4. Nancy from Mass says:

    I love appetizers for a meal! We have that every now and then. Actually, it is planned for this saturday night. Jalapeno poppers, baked brie, mozz sticks (mainly for the boy). mmmm.
    We have been doing quite a bit with our pantry/freezer challenge. so far this week we’ve had: Tuna casserole, steak tips & ramen & peas, Chicken pot pie and vege pot pie, breakfast for supper tonight and chicken breasts with cream of chicken soup in the crock pot tomorrow night.
    The only groceries I bought this week was 1/2 gallon of milk for 1.79 and $4 in yogurt to add ot the boys’ lunch. Still quite a bit left in the cupboards and freezer. 🙂

  5. your wrap looks really good! i’ve never thought of that combo before… i’ve been brainstorming new school lunch ideas for me and this would be really yummy. 🙂 thanks for the idea!

  6. Speaking of snacky dinner and appetizers, here is a new appetizer for everyone to try after the pantry challenge. We used to order this at our favorite tapas restaurant. We moved away, so now we make it at home. It’s so easy and yummy. We often have it w/ other Spanish type food and call it Tapas Night. Ideas include: Manchego cheese. Bread w/ olive oil. Roasted peppers. Olives. Spanish wine.

    Bacon wrapped dates:
    Buy dates (I get the bag from BJ’s of Mariani pitted dates).
    Buy bacon.
    Wrap each date in a piece of bacon. Secure w/ toothpick.
    Put on baking sheet. Put under broiler. Cook until bacon is done. Turn them over and cook till bacon is done on the other side.

    You can also make them smaller, obviously, by cutting the dates in half and using half a slice of bacon.

    • @Stacy, Wow, this appetizer (and your Tapas Night ideas) looks really good! Thanks for sharing!

    • I knew I was forgetting some – we always do garlic shrimp (garlic, shrimp, and butter) and sometimes we have andouille sausage with our other yummies.

  7. I’m pretty sure that appetizer dinners are even BETTER than regular dinners! You know, it’s one of those amusingly ironic things in life, like when kids won’t eat a homemade gourmet dinner but they start cheering when it’s a cold cereal and milk night 😉

  8. We often serve an appetizer like meal on Saturday nights – it takes the pressure off of me to “plan” a meal. this can vary from heating up a potluck of leftovers to creating other types of snacky foods (buffalo chicken dip, etc). Everyone loves the casual feel to it!
    Another good recipe for quick jalapeno poppers (from southern living) – take a can of whole pickled jalapenos – slice in half. Fill with boursin or pineapple flavored cream cheese. Press the tops in finely chopped pecans. Yummy!

  9. I like te pantry challenge, I tend to stock up and justuse the pantry for those lean months when I know there will be alot of expenses, Christmas, car expenses, ect. Its amazing how much you can save with just picking up the basics and fresh items as needed. My big problem is my picky 4 yr old twins, when the were babies they ate almost anything I blended for them, as we moved to solids the stopped liking alot(meat,pasta,most veggies) it has been so hard to cook since, as the got older I tried to just give them what we ate plus 1 item I new they liked, it just asnt worked. I like to cook and eat different foods but now I am cooking for us ad something for them, I never saw myself as someone who would do this, any advice???I have tried alot, but I am getting more worried about nutrition each month. They eat most fruits and whole wheats with no problem, we stay away candy and non nutrious snacks..I would love any they are boy/girls twins

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