Pantry Challenge 2011: Day 17

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Today was a very fun day in our neck of the woods. Thanks to a federal holiday, hubs had the day off. So, we spent much of it out in the sunshine. We have beautiful temps these days, in the 70s and 80s.

We spent most of the day at the park, playing disc golf, basketball, and scootering. So fun! We cruised by Trader Joe’s for drinks and were inspired by this chopped salad they served as a “sample.” I broke down and used some “blow money” on the ingredients to add to tonight’s dinner.

This was Day 17 of my Pantry Challenge. If you want to join me, go check out the details and sign up here.

Here’s what I served my family today

Breakfast – Donuts

No, we don’t do this every week, but when hubs is home, we tend to splurge and opt for fun food. He went and got donuts for the kids, spending $7 of our eating out money. (If it matters, I ate a turkey sandwich for breakfast.)

Lunch – Taco Bell

There was nothing in the house to pack for a picnic, so we made a run for the border. We spent $14.

Dinner – Baked Chicken, Quinoa Pilaf, Chopped Salad, Sourdough Bread

I had both chicken breasts and legs thawing in the fridge. I used Jamie’s spice mix to season the chicken. I also made a quinoa pilaf with garlic, chicken broth, lemon zest, and thyme. The chopped salad had broccoli, carrots, cabbage, jicama, bell pepper, celery, radish, and a cilantro dressing. I found the loaf of bread on clearance at Ralph’s

What have you been cooking up lately?

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  1. I’ve been making quinoa lately for my kids, but it is kind of bland (even with chicken broth). love the idea of adding the spices! how much garlic did you use? did you have to sautee it first to take away the bitterness or did you just throw it in while the quinoa was cooking? was it pressed or just chopped? thanks!!

    • @Kristen, it was an experiment. Two cloves, pressed, along with zest of one lemon, chicken broth and thyme. It still ended up on the bland side. I’m thinking quinoa can handle a lot for such an itty bitty food. Ended up mixing chicken drippings, butter, and lemon juice into a sauce to drizzle over. That was yummy!

      • @Jessica, wow…thanks! i never shy away from garlic, so will try adding a bunch. did you sautee it first, or just toss it in while cooking? thanks for the ideas!!

  2. we tried a new mexican casserole last night. next time i’ll have to tone down the spiciness but otherwise it was good. and made with basic pantry ingredients. i subbed tortilla chips for crushed tostada shells and it worked just fine. i splurged at the grocery store this weekend and purchased fresh, sliced pineapple that was marked down for quick sale. it’s sweetness was the perfect way to end a spicy meal.

    tonight we’re having philly steak sandwiches using leftover shredded roast beef from the freezer and the last of a pepper/onion mix. serving potato wedges and veggies on the side.

  3. I hope to see that chopped salad in a future What’s on your Plate!! Oh my goodness that looks delicious. Sounds like a wonderful afternoon, we are 20’s and snow so spending a day at the park sounds delightful!!!

  4. Tonight I am making chicken gyros (I shredded the chicken yesterday). French fries & salad to go along with it. I have 2 friends making dinner this week (I am having surgery), & Saturday hubs is going to smoke a turkey. 🙂

  5. Broccoli soup and bread bowls…..

  6. Homemade whole-wheat pitas filled with gyro meat that I made with herbs from the garden, lettuce and red onion. I made a divine tzatziki sauce with cucumbers and greek yogurt the I had in the fridge and a greek salad. It was so fun to watch the pitas puff! The kids and I took turns looking in the oven window.

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