What’s Your Comfort Food?

For some people, macaroni and cheese is the thing to eat when you’re feeling a little blue. For others, it’s Ratatouille. For me?

Hmmm…. tough question. It depends on the ailment.

Fatigue? Vanilla Coke

Sore throat? Hot lemonade (fresh lemon juice + honey + hot water)

Icky tummy? Yogurt

Not really sure what ails me? Cinnamon toast

How ’bout YOU? What’s your comfort food?

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  1. If I am stressed out, I go for Fettuccine Alfredo. If I am just feeling blah, not sick, not happy but not sad, just blah, I go for Buffalo Wings. If I am feeling like my blood pressure is low, I want a Mt. Dew. And for some really strange reason, if I am down with a migraine, I want a gyro.

  2. One of my feel good foods is grilled cheese and tomato soup. I especially love my mom’s homeade chicken soup when I’m really under the weather though.

  3. If it’s emotional…m&m’s.
    If it’s a cold/blocked sinuses…Hot Tamales candy or Atomic Fireballs.
    If it’s general body aches/coming down with something…Chinese food (the spices seem medicinal!)
    If it’s a cough and I can’t sleep…whiskey.
    If I’ve just had the stomach flu and am beginning to eat again…small McDonald’s hamburger.
    If it’s a sore throat…popcorn and hot toddy (tea with honey and whiskey).

    Wow, didn’t realize I relied on comfort foods so much! Have a great day!!


  4. Mashed potatoes and gravy works for just about anything.

  5. Potatoes. Any way, any kind, any mood. If Bubba can sing praises to shrimp in Forrest Gump, I can sing them about the potato.

  6. If I am sick I have to get Pho. Pretty much any illness that allows me to eat calls for a big bowl of Pho.

  7. If I’m getting sick, a big bowl of soup. Either chicken noodle, or Chinese hot & sour. Tomato and grilled cheese, or the copycat Olive Garden sausage/potato/kale soup.

    If I’m just down/emotional, something spicy. Nachos, hot wing dip, biscuits and gravy sprinkled with Tabasco. Chips and salsa is a favorite pms treat.

  8. I LOVE cinnamon toast! I used to put tons of butter, sugar, and cinnamon on top when I was a kid. Total total comfort food!

  9. hmm….
    homemade gooey cookies
    gobs of fresh fruit
    soup with biscuits or crackers
    almost anything with too much cheese 🙂

  10. It never fails, if I want to comfort eat I either need something with potatoes or melty cheese. Bonus if the two are combined!

  11. Nachos or chips and cheese! Love them and it is completely comforting!

  12. Mashed potatoes!!!!!

    Oh, and if I’m sick I love top ramen…yep the only time I ever eat it!

  13. I need Carbs!!! Any kind of toast makes me happy, and bonus if I have something that includes tomato sauce 🙂

  14. Oh man, homemade mac & cheese with a crispy bread crumb topping.

    Annie’s Organic White Cheddar and Shells made with Greek yogurt is a good stand-in if the craving is serious.

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