Planning for Thanksgiving

Is Thanksgiving really less than two weeks one week away? I’m stunned. The year has gone by so quickly.

It gives me pause: am I stopping often enough to smell the roses?

This year in an effort to do just that, we’re staying home for a quiet Thanksgiving. I’m going to make our favorites and bust out the Christmas music.

Need some help in planning your Thanksgiving?

Consider the following:

How do YOU plan for Thanksgiving?

What’s your approach? What are your goals? How do you balance good eats with staying sane?

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  1. Actually FishMama….it’s less than ONE week away!! yikes!!!!

  2. My best strategy is to use the same menu, or nearly so, every time. I only host every other year, so the family doesn’t even remember what they ate 2 years ago. I make the pies and stuffing on Wednesday and cook the vegetables while the turkey is in the oven, then the stuffing and sweet potatoes go in the oven while the turkey rests. My sister-in-law makes sure the cooks have drinks, and my in-laws play with the kids. I’ll be blogging my turkey recipe later this week — it’s so easy and makes a moist bird and lots of gravy!

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