What’s Your Favorite Foodie Movie?

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I must admit that despite my huge dislike for rodents, I love the film Ratatouille. Food and France? Yeah, baby! I am so there?

So it got me thinking about other foodie movies. Of course, I drew a blank. The only one I could think of was When Harry Met Sally. My college roommate teased me that I was just like Sally in being very high maintenance about my food.

So, help me think beyond Sally.

What are some good foodie movies?

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  1. Julie and Julia!

  2. Tortilla Soup was great movie.

  3. Babette’s Feast.

  4. Big Night (Monk fans NEED to watch this movie!)
    Eat Drink Man Woman (Tortilla Soup was remake) – one of my favorite movies, ever.
    Mostly Martha
    Like Water for Chocolate
    Mostly Martha (No Reservations was the remake, but can’t hold a candle to the original)
    Waitress – while mostly about pie, it’s a great small film.
    And if you want to get technical – Food Inc LOL
    I’m sure I’m forgetting a ton more… I love watching foodie movies.

  5. Chocolat is my favorite. Darcy provided a great list; many of which I have seen.

  6. There is this documentary called Pressure Cooker that I love (got it from netflix). It’s about this high school culinary class in Philadelphia. The teacher is amazing, she really is changing the lives of these kids, who for the most part aren’t growing up in great situations. She teaches them to compete for culinary scholarships.. It was amazing..

    But my favorite food movie is Julie and Julia, I could watch it over and over!

  7. I liked No Reservations, but didn’t know about Mostly Martha. I’ll have to check it out!

  8. Oooo…I loved these suggestions! I have seen several of them, but will look for the rest. I have been wanting to see Pressure Cooker and plan to watch it this weekend. I am so glad that it is a good one.

  9. My first thought was Mostly Martha! I love that movie, I think I’d better put it on my Netflix queue!

  10. tampopo – japanese noodle western comedy
    does beauty and the beast count? they have that cute foodie song 🙂

  11. Darcy got all mine. Eat Drink Man Woman, Like Water for Chocolate ( on of my all time favorites) and Chocolat. But how about my Big Fat Greek Wedding, lots of food in that one.

  12. I was going to list every one Darcy said. Definitely do not miss any of those!!

    Bottleshock (ok so that is more wine!)
    Eat Pray Love
    …I’m drawing a blank although I know there are more.

  13. I haven’t seen Eat Pray Love, but from the title and previews it sounds like it features food pretty strongly.

  14. Definitely have to second the “Julie and Julia” nomination. I watched it twice in one week.

  15. I’m looking forward to see ‘Eat Pray Love’ and ‘Io sono l’amore’.
    But for more foodie film have a look at

  16. I’m saddened that you didn’t think of Julie and Julia… she’s probaby turning over in her grave right now (which, incidentally, is probably laden with duck fat and/or butter…which was probably placed there as her dying wish)…..

    • Me? I’ve never seen it, actually. No offense to Julia Child, I love her. But, I started to read the book J&J and was so offended by the language, that I couldn’t get read past Ch 4. So, I’ve never seen the movie.

      • What a great question! I love foodie movies. No Reservations and Julia & Julia come to mind

        • Julia & Julia the movie didn’t have bad language, that I recall….I never read the book, so not sure on the differences.

        • While it was a great movie, my husband and I couldn’t get past the sprinkling of bad language. We wouldn’t watch it a 2nd time.

        • The movie showed the blogger as cute and charming. She didn’t have bad language in the movie. Once I read ABOUT her though, I was completely unimpressed. I don’t blame Julia Child for not being impressed either!! The part about her was the best part of the movie!

      • I love Julia Child too, and also was offended by the language in the book. I saw the movie once and that was enough. The food in the story was great, but her personal choices, like how Julie sacrifices her marriage and more to cook, were just sad to me and hard to watch/read. I never stop reading books but I just couldn’t do it.

      • I felt the same about the book. Could not put it down fast enough. I really disliked the Julie of the book…the movie, completely different! She is a regular person without the foul mouth and someone I could relate to. It’s worth a watch!

        All the others I can think of were already mentioned.

      • That’s how I felt about the book, too (language). Despite the recommendations from several people, I put it down after I’d read fewer than 20 pages.

        I second the Babette’s Feast recommendation. Really enjoyed that one!

    • LOL Julie & Julia is only half a film to me. I love watching it, but end up fast forwarding through all the Julie parts just to get to Julia.

  17. ramen girl with brittney murphey. it’s life changing but it is very cute!

  18. 1st: Julie-Julia!
    2nd: Ratatouille

    It was almost a tie!

  19. I have to second “Babette’s Feast.” It’s an old movie, and a little odd at times, but it shows how food can just fill your belly or it can elevate your soul! As a theology student, it was shown in several of my classes as an allegory for the Sacraments- real, physical things CAN have an effect on the spirit!

    The other example that came to mind is almost a polar opposite as far as viewing audience, but “Woman On Top” is a very sexy movie (one brief scene with nudity, but the music alone is pretty hot!) about a woman taking charge in her marriage and the kitchen.

    How about a foodie book? Do you remember the Redwall Series by Brian Jaques? It’s a school-age series about knights and epic battles for goodness (except all the characters are mice, rabbits, badgers, etc.) Sounds odd, but the author’s descriptions of their fantastic feasts are really mouth-watering. Give them a try!

    • LOVE this book series, and I’d forgotten we have the cookbook..need to go pull it out for when we start reading it to the boys later this year!

  20. Mostly Martha, sooo much better than No Reservations, and Babette’s Feast, which is magical.

  21. I adored Tortilla Soup (although Racquel Welch was a bit over the top). I want to rent Ramen Girl now.

    When Harry Met Sally is often mentioned as a New Year’s Eve movie. I recently watched Out of Africa again (25th anniversary!) and it has a New Year’s Eve scene, too.

  22. I have my movie viewing mapped out now. Thank you for all the great suggestions!

  23. Michelle B. says:

    Sorry for the delayed post-two of my favorites: Fried Green Tomatoes & Mystic Pizza! Thanks for your blog Jessica-I LOVE it!

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