Thai Chicken Wrap & What’s On Your Plate?

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Each week a featured foodie* will share his or her plate and then the rest of us will get a chance to link up our own posts or share in the comments what good cheap eats we’ve been enjoying.

Recently, I’ve been enjoying wraps for lunch. They are easy to make with whatever leftovers we have on had. On this particular day, I spread pad thai sauce on a tortilla and layered it with shredded lettuce, grilled, sliced Asian chicken, red bell pepper and chopped green onion. It was super easy, delicious, and a great way to give leftovers new life.

What’s on YOUR Plate?

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  1. Love the recipe for the Asian chicken! I’m not fond of reheated chicken so I’ve been looking for ways to use up roasted chicken without reheating it.

  2. I love wraps! This sounds wonderful! Thanks!

  3. That wrap sounds really good. I have been bored with my lunches lately, I think that would hit the spot!

  4. These sound delicious!

  5. Are you paying $3 for a small liquid pouch of thai sauce? where can you buy this affordably?

    • I received a jar to review a few months ago that I am still using up. But, I’ve seen coupons for it.

      • hmm, what brand? I’m looking at ingles and i’m finding a pouch only. I wonder if they would sell a jar at an Asian market. I can’t wait to try your cheddar coins and I’m also trying heavenly homemakers cheese crackers. Have you tried hers? Yours sounds a little easier. I’m doing a freezer cooking class at church and I would like to link my website up to your freezer cooker info. Can you give me an exact link and permission if you’re interested.

  6. I love wraps, I really should do them more often though, everyone here loves them. I shared my garlic & wine cream sauce & added your blog button to it. =)

  7. I love wraps… This one will definitely be one to try. Thanks for hostin’ and postin’!

  8. I make chicken caesar wraps with left over chicken. I always have lettuce, wraps and salad dressings of some type. I even make chicken med salad wraps, with Italian dressing. Just something different to have for lunch.

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