Real Food on a Real Budget

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This weekend as I reevaluated our food goals for the year, I opened up my copy of Real Food on a Real Budget. While I am nowhere near being the Nutrition Ninja that Stephanie is, it was encouraging to read areas where I’m on target and areas where I can grow in knowledge, understanding, and follow-through.

Ah, yes, follow-through….

This is one of the most professional ebooks I’ve seen to date. Stephanie has put together a great collection of information to help you eat a little healthier on a budget. Currently, the digital copy is $18.97 while you can order a hard copy for $25.97. Use the code FREESHIP at checkout in order to get free shipping.

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  1. Sounds like something I need as we try to eat more “real” food!

  2. I’ve heard sooo much about this book, and someday I’d like to get my hands on a copy (hopefuly a hard copy – what is it about real books that’s so thrilling?).

  3. Thanks for the tip! I think you don’t give yourself the credit deserved! You have great knowledge of this topic and I look forward to hearing more as time goes by. It is really inspiring to me that I could with time and effort, actaully get this healthy eating habit stuff down! I so look forward to reading your blogs!

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