Free Apron Sewing Pattern eBook

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I don’t know about you, but I’m a messy cook. And I’ve been known to wipe my hands on my clothes from time to time. This makes apron-wearing a must if I want to have some resemblance of respectability.

I have one apron I really like, but most others that I find are not super absorbent. I like to dry my hands on my apron and not worry about finding a towel.

I live in a house with six children, remember? Towels are hard to come by sometimes. Clean ones, anyway.

So, I realized that it was time to bust out the sewing machine and make myself some aprons. If you can cook and sew — or know someone who does — you might be interested in a free FaveCrafts eBook that includes 8 free apron sewing patterns.

Do you cook AND sew?

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  1. Anyone else having trouble downloading this ebook? I’ve tried it several times all day today, and it’s not working…

  2. YES I do 🙂 But maybe b/c I don’t have little ones yet??!! I would love to sew some more aprons but I have all that will fit in my drawer as of now. Too bad 🙂

  3. i don’t sew (seriously- i can barely sew on a button) but i love aprons. so fun and pretty and necessary!

  4. Yup! And I was thinking of making aprons for Christmas gifts this year, so love the timing of the ebook!

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