Nectarine – Peach Shortcakes with Butter Pecan Ice Cream

As you know I am a HUGE fan of buying in-season produce. The quality is the highest and the price is the lowest at that time. Talk about good and cheap eats!

Some fresh produce is easier for us to enjoy than others. Strawberries don’t last long in our house. Either we eat them fresh or I freeze them for smoothies later on. Peaches and nectarines, however, are another story.

My husband and I both love to eat them fresh, but canned or cooked? Eww. Like a peach-scented slug. I’ll pass, thanks.

But, come June and July, peaches and nectarines are in abundance. Recently I bought them for $0.49 a pound and then a co-worker gave FishPapa a big bag from his tree. Our fruit basket runneth over.

So, since we don’t love peach pie or peach jam, two great ways to enjoy fruit, we’ve found some alternatives. One of them is this recipe.

How do you like YOUR peaches?

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  1. we love homemade peach ice cream. we're also partial to just sliced. the juice running down your chin means it is mmmm good.

  2. I love this recipe for Peach Vinaigrette. It freezes well, and tastes like summe rin the middle of February!

  3. Debbi Does Dinner Healthy says:

    LOVE peaches, I don't make too many dishes with them though. I want to try a cake with them though, this looks really good!

  4. I like to cut them up and eat them on cereal.

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