Pantry Challenge, Day 12: Sandwich Night

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I confess, I’ve lost a little of my initial enthusiasm for creating “delicious and nutritious” meals from what’s in the pantry. I haven’t given up. But, as we approach the halfway mark, I’ve lost some of my mojo. I think it was the turkey and the chicken that did it to me.

But, tonight’s dinner features a family favorite: Homemade Garlic Focaccia. I mixed up the dough in the bread machine, let it rise on a cookie sheet, bathed it in lots of olive oil and baked it up. I left it super thick this time so we could make turkey sandwiches with it, complete with swiss cheese, avocado, and lots of veggies. Yum!

Breakfast: Homemade Pancakes
Lunch: Leftovers, Popcorn and Apples (we’d been at the orthodontist all morning and I was too tired to be more creative
Dinner: Turkey Sandwiches on Focaccia, Chips and Apples

How are you doing on the Pantry Challenge? New to the idea? It’s never to late to “eat from the pantry.”

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