Pancakes – An Easy Pantry Staple

This simple pancake recipe is easily to prepare and perfect for feeding a crowd. There are several ways to make it freezer-friendly as well.

Basic Pancakes Recipe | Good Cheap Eats
From tortillas to lefse to crêpes, flatbreads are popular in every culture. And for good reason. Not only are they quick to prepare and simple to eat, they are also very satisfying. This makes them winners for a family menu.  Economical and easily made from scratch, they can also feed a crowd with very little work. Plus, they taste great!

In the United States, pancakes or flapjacks are the name of the game. For our family, they are a regular feature on our weekly menu. The kids refer to it as Pancake Saturday. They like to see how many they can devour in one sitting.

One thing that I love about this dimple pancake recipe is that although they are so simple, I can vary the batter recipe as well as the toppings to suit my mood or whatever’s in the pantry.

And, I’ve been known to prepare them for a quick pickup dinner when my other plans don’t pan out. Talk about the perfect item to add to your Pantry Challenge menu!

Don’t forget to read my Tips for Making Pancake Night a Success. And check out these other pancake recipes:

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Tools I use to make this recipe:

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What’s YOUR favorite way to enjoy pancakes?

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  1. sabrina says:

    Do you store this mix in the pantry or freezer?

  2. FishMama says:

    I store it in the freezer for longer shelf life and to avoid bugs or rodents. Not that we have had them, but I don't wanna! 😉

  3. Bridgette says:

    Can you mix the wet and dry and then seal in a ziplock and freeze? Or do you suggest just freezing the dry and adding the wet when you make the pancakes?

    • Jessica says:

      I have never done that, so I don’t recommend it. I would just premeasure the dry. Add the wet when you bake them.

  4. Made these this morning and they were a huge hit!!

  5. Made some this morning…yummy! So easy! I don’t mind serving these since I know exactly what went in them, unlike the pre-mixes. Added some frozen b blueberries to the mix as well…delish!

  6. Just made these for brunch to rave reviews. Most of my pancake recipes require buttermilk, but these were just as good, if not better, with regular milk. Thanks!

  7. since I am vegan, do you suggest any substitute for egg? I have tried flaxseed and water thingy (for other pancake recipe) but my pancake does not puffed (not even bubble) up as much. Thanks.

  8. You can also find egg-free pancake recipes online.

  9. Jessica, I’m really enjoying your blog–thanks for the good tips. I think similarly, but you have done this a lot longer and more thoroughly, so I’m getting lots of good ideas. Anyway, my favorite pancake recipe is found at the Hillbilly Housewife site, below. I use it almost exclusively, unless I have no bananas, which is hardly ever since I freeze them when they’re going soft. Thanks, Stacy

  10. Michelle says:

    Jessica – Do you have a reccomendation for using whole wheat flour for pancakes? We use white whole wheat. Thanks!

    • I usually use whole wheat pastry flour as it’s got a more delicate texture for pancakes. I know that I’ve used white whole wheat, but that was quite some time ago. I would start with half and half and see how you like it.

  11. Jennifer says:

    Have you ever tried to mix powdered milk into your mix so you only need to add water? Pancakes are sometimes a breakfast for the days when we run out of milk. 🙂

    • @Jennifer, you could totally do that. Different powdered milks have different measurements, so I don’t think I could add that to the recipe, but that should work, provided that you have instant dry milk. The kind I have isn’t instant, so I think it might need to be mixed with water first.

  12. Going to mix up this recipe this weekend.

  13. I must have messed something up on this because we found these pancakes to be extremely dry. St strange because they sure look fluffy in the pictures! :-/

  14. I love this recipe. I have used it since I saw this post. In my last blog post I wrote about a variation of your recipe…

  15. I made these as part of your “Make Ahead Breakfasts” menu (thank you!), but found the batter to be really thin, like a Swedish pancake, not thick like the ones in your picture. I went over the ingredients to make sure I was accurate and everything seems to be correct. I checked my Betty Crocker pancake recipe and it uses 3/4 c milk for 1 cup flour. I’m thinking instead of 3 1/3 cups milk, I will try 2 1/4 cups next time and I think it will turn out more like your picture. They were still good today–just thin.

    • They do make a thinner pancake from time to time. I think it has something to do with the baking powder and soda. I often make it with buttermilk instead. That’s how I changed the recipe for the Not Your Mother’s book. I prefer it that way. But these photos taken a million years ago were made with milk, so I don’t know what to say. I hope it worked out okay for you!

  16. Traci Cundall says:

    How long can you store your mixes in the freezer?

  17. I just made these pancakes for our family this morning. Everyone LOVED them and said they had way more flavor than Bisquick mix. I’ll be adding these into the rotation now. Thank you 🙂

  18. Have you tried Alton Brown’s pancake recipe? I’ve used it as my go to recipe for a couple years now. His pancakes are every bit as light and fluffy as the box mixes without all the nasty ingredients. What I love is he has a bulk mix recipe that can be stored on the pantry shelf and then you can pull out the pre-made mix whenever you want to make pancakes. It cuts the time down from start to finish. I rarely have fresh buttermilk so I use the milk/lemon juice trick to sour milk.

  19. These came out dense and thin. It is a recipe I was very unhappy. I followed the recipe and had to order more baking powder and they were still dense.

  20. I enjoyed the flavour and texture of the pancakes, however I found the batter was so sticky that no matter how much butter or oil was used they wouldn’t budge from the bottom of the pan! I ended up putting 1/3c scoops onto a baking tray and cooking them in the oven on non stick paper. They didn’t get that lovely golden colour, but they tasted good!

  21. These werent my favourite pancakes, i wouldnt usually put backing soda or powder in it. And i’d usually put vanilla

  22. Very good recipe! It was the 1st of 3 of your pancake recipes I’ve tried. Although the other 2 were good, they didn’t disappear as fast as these did. I recently bought a griddle to save me some time instead of making one at a time…very time consuming lol. My kids are loving homemade pancakes verses the frozen from the store, and I feel better serving them. I think I’ll make some mixes of these today. Your scope reminded me I wanted to get some mixes on the shelf, thank you!

  23. In your Not Your Mama’s book you have a recipe for oat pancakes that calls for oat flour. Where do you buy yours? I’ve checked in 3 different stores with not luck.

    • I buy it at Sprouts usually or Amazon. Bob’s Red Mill Brand. If you can’t find it, you can grind rolled oats very fine in a food processor or just use an equal amount of unbleached flour.

  24. Can this recipe be halved, at least? I only have two kids and 24 pieces would be a LOT of pancakes. Thanks. 🙂

  25. We have followed the instructions step by step but the mixture is very watery. Any suggestions on how we can fix it?


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