This Spud’s For You: Crockpot Potatoes

My mother-in-law and I loved going out to dinner for baked potatoes and salad. It was one of our favorite things to do together. It is such an easy meal to make at home.

A way to make it even easier is to cook your potatoes in the crockpot!


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  1. Denise C. says:

    I love, love, love the idea of doing baked potatoes (and applesauce, really all the recipes listed. in the crockpot.) 🙂
    My concern with the potatoes is having the foil burn since there is no liquid in there. Have you ever had any trouble with that?

    • I have done this many times Denise and the foil never scorches. I also wet my hands a few times and let the water drip into my crockpot for a little steam while they cook. Yummmmmmmmo eats!

  2. Love this idea but my family is large! How many can you fit in a crock pot? Do they have to touch the bottom or can I do 2 or 3 layers?

    • I’ve got six kids, so I think we’re large, too. 😉 You can layer them until it’s 2/3 full. I have a large oval slow cooker. I’ve done this for company, so I know you can fit a lot.

  3. Charity L. says:

    I never thought of cooking potatoes in the crockpot like this. I will be trying this out this week. I have company coming and I will use them to test this out. Thanks!

  4. if I have less time can I do it on high for 4-5 hours??

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