Fresh Salsa with Garden Tomatoes

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a garden in this year. The days just slipped away from me. But, my husband has a coworker with too many tomatoes. Amen and amen. He’s been sharing with us. We’ve enjoyed them on salads, on pizza, and in salsa. Isn’t this pretty with both yellow and red tomatoes?

You don’t really need a recipe. Just combine the following ingredients in the proportions that you like. Love cilantro? Toss in a big handful? Like it spicy? Add several chopped chiles. Customize this to your tastes. Just remember that fresh tomato salsa is best eaten the day it is made.

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  1. I don’t know how I missed this the first time. Oh, wait, that was in the middle of living with my parents and having a newborn. Never mind. 😉 Anyway, this looks AMAZING and has me beyond frustrated that my garden tomatoes, while abundant, are all still green. Soon enough…

  2. Christina S. says:

    Yum! And I have everything except the lime growing in my garden. 🙂

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