Making homemade croutons is a great way to use bread that’s no longer great for fresh eating. Or if a loaf of homebaked bread doesn’t turn out as light and fluffy as you’d hoped, morph it into croutons! Waste not, want not.

I like to make a big batch and then keep them in a airtight container. The kids and hubs both love to eat them plain as well as on salads.

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  1. Thanks, my family LOVES croutons and like you said the ones at the store have so much salt!!
    How would you add flavor to them? My son loves the garlic or cheddar croutons.

    • Jessica says:

      Just sprinkle on some garlic powder when you’re tossing it with the olive oil. Not sure about the cheddar. I think that is fake cheese powder they put on them.

  2. Mary Strawbridge says:

    How would you prepare the cinnamon sugar croutons?

  3. LaTonya Allen says:

    How long do these usually keep? And what is the best method to store and keep them?

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