Celebrating Summer with Giveaways: Cyclindrical Ice Cream Scoop

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A few years ago I found myself in the throes of homesickness. We lived in Kansas City and “home” was 1800+ miles away. Thanks to the world wide web I took a walk down Memory Lane, virtually visiting all the restaurants I missed. Strangely, one of the places I pined for the most was, believe it or not, Thrifty Drug Store.

No, it’s not a restaurant, but that was our go-to place for ice cream when I was a kid. One of the unique things about Thrifty, now Rite Aid, is that they scoop their ice cream in cylinder shapes. The “scoop” fits perfectly on a wafer cone.

So, I surfed the net and found a Rite Aid scoop on eBay for 100 bucks. Yeah, I don’t think so. But, after a few hours of searching I came across this scoop from Cuisipro. I told everyone I knew about it, and for my birthday I received two!

Today, I’m sharing one of them. One lucky winner will receive this scoop — in white, I get to keep the green one.

For a chance to win, fill out the form below. (Click through if you’re reading this through a reader.) All the answers will be available on LifeasMOM. You just might have to poke around. Enter all the information on the form, including your answer to the trivia question. If you answer correctly, you’ll have a chance to win. All contests will end on Saturday, June 27th at midnight PST. Open to US addresses only.

I hope you win!

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