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What’s good? What’s cheap? Those terms are certainly relative, aren’t they? My husband does not care for some of my very, very favorite culinary indulgences (like mushrooms and bleu cheese). And likewise. (I’m not the huge fish fan that he is.)

But, we’ve found common ground — like homemade chocolate cheesecake. And as we strive to eat well and live within our means, finding “good (and cheap) eats” is important to us. It’s one way that we enjoy life together.

When I was young, cheap was signified by bologna sandwiches and boxed mac and cheese. But, last time I checked, those items were neither good nor cheap. In fact, processed lunchmeat and boxed convenience items are some of the priciest items you can buy at the store. And we won’t even broach the topic of how bad they are for you.

No, cheap is, for my purposes here, defined as something that the average family can access and still stay within their means. I’m a firm believer in “acting your wage,” as Dave Ramsey has so eloquently phrased it. As Americans we have become much too accustomed to “having it all” — whether or not we can afford it.

My husband and I learned this the hard way. Though we are both diligent workers and always used credit responsibly, two years ago we found ourselves in a mess. A few weeks without work caught up with speculatively practices (ie, paying off the credit card at the end of the month).

We had amassed debt without blinking an eye, and we were just sick. Thankfully, we learned a lot that summer. We stopped using our credit cards and started to pay cash for everything. We ate very frugal food and cut back wherever we could. Now, thanks to God, Dave Ramsey, and coupons, we are debt-free.

Though we aren’t making hefty credit payments every month, we still try to eat frugally in order to achieve some bigger picture goals — including staying out of debt and funding orthodontia for SIX KIDS!

We’ve got our work cut out for us, but we know that we can do this, Lord willing. We want to eat well, act our wage, and enjoy life. And that’s what you’ll find here.

Well, the eating part, anyway.

Join me as I chronicle our culinary journey with recipes, kitchen tips, and book and gadget reviews. Because no one should be without

Good (& Cheap) Eats.

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