Pantry Challenge Check-In, Final Week (or Not?)

Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins

Ready to save some money and eat great meals? You will find everything you need to know here at Good Cheap Eats, from meal planning to savvy shopping to eating down the pantry. Join thousands of people who’ve decided to eat well, spend less, and enjoy time at the table a whole lot more. Become […]

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Raspberry Baked Oatmeal

Raspberry Baked Oatmeal 2

Start the morning with a cheerful breakfast. This Raspberry Baked Oatmeal is easy to bake and full of great sweet tart berries. I had heard about baked oatmeal years ago, but I was extremely skeptical. I don’t like mushy oatmeal and I was worried that baked oatmeal would be mush. But, after hearing about it […]

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Tarragon Turkey Burgers with Bleu Cheese and Chipotle Mayonnaise

bleu cheese burger

One of my favorite burgers of all time is the Bleu Ribbon Burger at Red Robin. The highlights of this sandwich are the bleu cheese crumbles and the chipotle mayonnaise. Yum! But, an outing at Red Robin is pretty pricey. So, I’ve taken to recreating these flavors at home. Even though hubs doesn’t care for bleu […]

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Pumpkin Spice Scones

pumpkin scones

These were a spur-of-the-moment creation, based on a half jar of pumpkin sitting in the fridge just crying to be baked into something delicious. Scones sounded lovely. And they were. I use a food processor to cut in the butter and then transfer those buttery crumbs to a bowl and then mix in the liquid […]

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Pantry Challenge Check-In Week 3

It has been a fun week in the kitchen. I will say that. My family really doesn’t know that I’m not doing major grocery shopping. I’m still shopping one day a week, but I’m trying to limit it mentally to under $100 a week and so far, so good. You can see what I bought […]

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California Girl’s Iced Sweet Tea

sweet tea

Tea is a regular pantry staple at our house. We aren’t big tea drinkers, but it’s a beverage that is extremely affordable, especially when you browse the clearance racks. For some reason, teas are always being marked down, despite the fact that they have several months, even years before their “best by” dates. When we […]

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Deli Potato Salad

Deli Potato salad

Potato Salad is one of those summer dishes that is filling without heating you up. It goes great with grilled meats, sandwiches, and salad buffet meals. And, it’s a great after-anything kind of snack. Once upon a time, our local grocery store deli served the best potato salad. Tangy, but not too sweet. And hubs […]

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How’s Your Serve?

Brats Hot dogs

This week over at Food Your Way, I’m talking about the different ways to serve a meal. Family style, buffet, or plated? Which do you prefer? Hop on over to the post to review the pros and cons of each method as well as to tell us which you think is the “right” way.

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Blueberry Nutmeg Muffins

Blueberry Muffins 3

  Got blueberries? Then you’ll got a great breakfast treat in store. Since I’m building menus based on what I’ve already got in the freezer or cupboard, I decided that a little berrymaking was in order. I have a huge bag of frozen berries from Costco ready to be put to good work. We’ve made […]

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Pantry Challenge Check-in, Week 2

gg walmart

This week I found myself getting into the groove of the pantry challenge. I baked more. I created a few new recipes, such as Turkey and Black Bean Enchiladas as well as Pumpkin Scones (coming soon). I had some flops as well as some successes. And other than going without milk for a couple days, […]

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