Christmas in July at Life as MOM

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Food shouldn’t be complicated. Or bad for you. Or expensive. I’m working to craft good cheap eats that we can both enjoy. You can read more about this site here. Check out my cookbooks if you’re needing some budget-friendly inspiration. Read about how to make healthy eating work for you here. Over at Life as […]

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Meal Planning in Real Life

meal planning in real life

In real life, dinnertimes don’t always go according to plan. But, that’s okay. The plan is there to serve YOU. So last week I made a 3×7 meal plan and slapped it on the fridge. As you can tell, I referred to it frequently. And made quite a few changes! Hut one, hut two, hike! […]

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Pantry Challenge, Week Three Check-In (Recipe: Yogurt-Peach Popsicles)


By the end of the third week of our pantry challenge, we were able to use up a huge load of peaches as well as enjoy some great homecooked meals. We’re finishing up the third week of our pantry challenge. It’s been a great exercise in really watching what we’re eating and making sure I […]

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Grocery Geek: Finding the Right Food Sources

peach sorbet on picnic blanket

Finding affordable sources of the foods you want makes all the difference in how you spend and in how you eat. For some reason, getting the produce box each week is like opening a Christmas present. Especially now that summer is in full swing. So fun! And my mind just whirls with what to do […]

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Cilantro-Chipotle Cheeseburgers

Cilantro Chipotle Cheeseburger

What’s your favorite cheese to go on a burger? Check out my ultimate taco cheeseburger with chipotle mayo and pepper jack. A few weeks ago I told you about my love affair with cheeseburgers. Just looking at this photo is bringing on the craving, though that isn’t on the menu this week. But, oh, maybe […]

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Tips for Preparing a Full Breakfast (Recipe: Panini Press Hashbrowns)

Panini Press Hashbrowns

A full breakfast is a weekend treat. Use some of these tips for saving time and having it all hot at the same moment. If it were up to me, coffee and a slice of toast would be breakfast. I’m good with that most days. Unless I have the makings for those skillet-poached eggs and greens. […]

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Meal Plan: July 15 through 21

denver scramble

This month as I tackle a pantry challenge, I’m writing a 3×7 meal plan, planning three meals for every day of the week. Here’s a peak at this week’s plan. Last week, things didn’t always go according to plan. We had a few more “snacky dinners” than I intended. But, we ate food we had […]

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Pantry Challenge: Week Two Progress Report

pantry challenge day 7

We’re doing a pantry challenge this month, making the most of what we already have in the kitchen. We’ve got a few goals for the challenge. Head here to read the daily log of how we’re eating, too. Last week was crazy, but fun crazy. Our friend Jacob was here for 6 days. It was […]

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Grocery Geek: Week Two, Pantry Challenge

ralphs $39

This last week flew by in a flash. We had a house guest from Kansas City. We did the beach and Legoland and the movies. The days were just packed! And I ended up making two trips out to the stores during the week. Ralphs Early on I headed to Ralphs to stock up on […]

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Quick Sunflower Seed Butter Noodle Stirfry

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Sunbutter acts as a great replacement for peanut in this quick noodle stirfry. Quick, easy, and oh-so good! This recipe is by far one of the quickest to pull together. Not only does it use up little bits of leftovers in your fridge, but it’s quick to prepare and it tastes great. As part of […]

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