Baking Your Own Bread (A Guest Post)

bread loaf

Ready to save some money and eat great meals? You will find everything you need to know here at Good Cheap Eats, from meal planning to savvy shopping to eating down the pantry. Join thousands of people who’ve decided to eat well, spend less, and enjoy time at the table a whole lot more. Become […]

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Throw a Spontaneous 4th of July BBQ

orange ginger chicken

Did the days just slip away from you? Did you wake up this morning, thankful for a day off from work, but realize that you don’t have anything planned? Did you realize that since everyone else you know has all or part of the day off that this might be a fun time to have […]

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Get Grilling This Weekend!

There’s a wealth of things that you can throw on the barby this weekend. Check this out: :: Simple Bites did a great series on all things to grill, including fruit, cheese, and salad! :: Check out LifeasMOM’s meatloaf on the grill. :: The Kitchn gives the play by play on grilled pizza. :: $5 […]

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Outstandwich: The Oklahoma Kid

Ratliff sandwich 1

Thanks to those who participated in last week’s sandwich contest. There were some very delicious entries. The sandwich that got the most votes was The Oklahoma Kid, submitted by Heather Ratliff. Here’s a little bit of the back story of Heather’s sandwich: About a year ago, my husband and I purchased Bogie’s Deli in Abilene, […]

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A Summertime Pantry Challenge

condiments shelf

This is a one of the CSA boxes I got last Fall. Each week we received a box loaded full of fruits and vegetables. Some I had no idea what to do with! But, as my creativity got going, we discovered some new foods that have become favorites. And I developed some family favorite recipes […]

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Wrapping It Up in Summertime (What’s On Your Plate?)

The following is a guest post from Amy of The Finer Things in Life: On these long, hot summer days in Kansas, we’ve taken to eating lots of lighter, cooler meals. Any fast fare is likely to be a hit with my crew as long as it’s wrapped in a tortilla! Today’s concoction was horseradish […]

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How Writing a Cookbook Changed My Kitchen


This week I’m putting the final touches on the cookbook I’ve been working on for the last six or seven months. It’s been a wonderful experience and I am blessed to have great friends and family to test my concoctions and a great editor to give me encouraging feedback. It’s brought out the latent student […]

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Turkey Avocado Baguette Sandwich with Chipotle Mayonnaise

Chipotle Turkey Sandwiches

Currently, we live about 20 to 30 minutes from my husband’s work. It’s not the worst of commutes, but with gas prices what they are, we often consider moving closer. However, we live less than five minutes from an authentic French bakery. It’s a regular stop on our weekend jaunts. He commented recently that it […]

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Smoked Chicken Salad

The following is a guest post from Phoebe of Getting Freedom: Something quite interesting has taken place in our household since we started to really watch our grocery spending. We went from eating red meat almost every single meal, to enjoying meatless meals and poultry more often. I used to be a boneless skinless chicken […]

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Meal Planning with Plan to Eat


Taquitos with Avocado Salsa and Mexican Rice Sooner or later, most people realize that if they have a meal plan for the day or even the week, that mealtimes will come together much more quickly and economically. I’ve been doing it so long, I forget that there were days when I didn’t  plan out our […]

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