Simple Summer Snacks

Fishchick Beach

Food shouldn’t be complicated. Or bad for you. Or expensive. I’m working to craft good cheap eats that we can both enjoy. You can read more about this site here. Check out my cookbooks if you’re needing some budget-friendly inspiration. Read about how to make healthy eating work for you here.Whip up some simple summer […]

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The 3×7 Meal Plan

Planning a 3×7 Meal Plan means thinking ahead to all three meals for a week. It takes some work, but the time and cost savings are huge. One of the things that I’m doing to make the Pantry Challenge a success is to be very thorough in my planning. Last weekend I made a 3×7 […]

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Organize for a Pantry Challenge (Week 1 Report)

weekly prep to do

 Organizing your food storage, taking an inventory, and making a plan for how to use what you have is key to a pantry challenge. We’re a week into the pantry challenge. So far, so good. Nothing earth-shattering on the face of it — except for a very tasty Taco Cheeseburger. More on that later. Instead, […]

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Grocery Greek: Pantry Challenge, Week 1

sprouts july

To set my family up for success in the pantry challenge, I stocked up on basics so that they don’t notice what they’re missing. The first week of the pantry challenge is almost done. At this moment, I’d like to point out that this is not a “no-spend challenge”. I’ve tried those before for groceries […]

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A Giveaway from Wonderful Almonds (CLOSED)

wonderful almonds giveaway

Almonds are a fabulous snack or addition to a no-cook supper. They have such wonderful staying power. Win some this week from Wonderful Almonds. Two summers ago my daughter was diagnosed with a tree nut, peanut, and egg allergy. It threw me for a loop in a way. Those three proteins played a huge role […]

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Eat Safely on the Fourth

food safety infographic

Today’s a day for great celebration and feasting. Make sure you eat safely. Take your cue from our founding fathers:

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In Search of the Ultimate Cheeseburger


We are on the hunt for the ultimate cheeseburger. Come along! Tarragon Turkey Burger I have been on a cheeseburger KICK lately. In fact, last week I ate three. Oh yes, yes, I did. And I have it on the menu for tomorrow’s Fourth of July feast. It all started when I hear about Sargento’s “America’s […]

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Plan a Great 4th of July Meal!

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite days to eat. There, I said it. Cold drinks, frosty glasses, dips and chips, smoky meat cooked on the grill? I’m there. Here’s a taste of what we’re having this week to celebrate America’s Independence Day: Healthier Spinach Dip Tarragon Turkey Burger with Blue Cheese and Chipotle […]

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Meal Planning During a Pantry Challenge

Nacho Bar sm

Meal planning is an integral part of a pantry challenge. You take inventory and eat out of that inventory rather than going out for more. So, the game is on. Me against my pantry and my grocery budget. They are tough adversaries. We’ll see how this shakes down. If you missed yesterday’s post, know that […]

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A Pantry Challenge – How Will It Work this July?


A pantry challenge can be a great way to reduce expenses, use what you have, and waste less. Twice a year for the last several years, I’ve spent the months of January and July doing a “pantry challenge“. This is a time when I try to make good use of what we have in the […]

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