Huddle to Fight Hunger (Recipe: Chocolate Dipped Oreos)

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Ready to save some money and eat great meals? You will find everything you need to know here at Good Cheap Eats, from meal planning to savvy shopping to eating down the pantry. Join thousands of people who’ve decided to eat well, spend less, and enjoy time at the table a whole lot more. Become […]

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Craving Casseroles?

A casserole can be such a comfort. Not only is it very make-ahead with one dish to clean up afterward, it’s also generally considered a traditional comfort food. If I tell hubs I’ve got a lasagna or a pan of enchiladas ready, I know I’ll receive a happy reply. Casseroles are good food. Here’s a […]

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December Monthly Meal Plan

I know, it’s not December yet. But, it starts this week. And since I already know what’s in my pantry and freezer, I went ahead and made a meal plan for the month. Once you see it, you’ll realize there’s a whole lot of routine going on, which makes it easy to plan for. This […]

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Weekend Sale at Life as MOM

weekend sale 125

This weekend over on Life as MOM you can get $3 off any purchase of $8 or more in the FishMama shop. Use the coupon code: TURKEYTIME when ordering. Some of the books will be made unavailable at the end of the year, so if there’s one you’ve had your eye on, grab it now. […]

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What to Do with Turkey?

If you have turkey leftover from the big shindig, you may be wondering what to do with it. Personally, I love it for breakfast the next day. Yes, yes, I do. But, I’m guessing that most folk aren’t as weird as I am. So, here are a few other ideas: 1. Freeze it. If you’ve […]

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Pumpkin Onion Rolls

Pumpkin-Onion-Poppy Rolls

I love my bread machine. I really do. Did I ever tell you my bread machine story? We lived in Paso on two acres. We had two little people with a third on the way. And that, in itself, was amazing. All my friends had those Bosch mixers to knead bread. I borrowed one and […]

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Easy Breakfasts for Holidays

Whole Grain Cinnamon Rolls

There’s this odd catch-22 about holidays. Generally speaking, we want to eat good food and enjoy good company. We also want to do some special cooking. But, it seems that means we’re always cooking — or dining out, which can be expensive. So, we’ll scratch that. In my efforts to make breakfast on Thursday morning […]

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This is the Week to Stock Up

Thanksgiving Ads

If you saw anything in your grocery ads last Wednesday that caught your eye, you need to get yourself to the store this week. Experience tells me that if you go to the grocery store on Friday (when everyone else is mobbing the Black Friday Sales), you will not only find a deserted shop, but […]

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Meal Planning: Thanksgiving Week

Slow cooker pot roast

We’re coming off the heels of a week of sickness. I’m guessing that we won’t get a ton accomplished in the next week, other than eating and recuperating. I’m good with that. Last week, the meal plan stayed fairly true to its roots, with a few switcheroos here and there. I really like the Buffet […]

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Grocery Geek: Angst Diagnosed


I discovered the source of my grocery angst this week when the grocery sales flyers came out. The sales are good, to be sure. This week. (I’m not sure why the stores held out so long, but they did.) However, since I’ve adopted some new food philosophies, I still felt a little let-down. Many of […]

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