3 Delicious Ways to Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

SuperBowl 4

The Pantry Challenge is starting on Sunday, January 4th. Join me as we eat down the pantry, save money, and waste less. Details are here. It’s one thing to create a welcoming atmosphere when you’ve invited guests over, but it is quite another thing to do so for our families, for our husbands, those that […]

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Tossed Salad with Peperoncinis & Feta & an Easy Way to Dress a Salad

Tossed Salad with Feta anad Pepperoncinis

Salads are a fresh and flavorful way to get your veggies. I love them in any number of ways. But, easy is at the top of the list. Creating a good salad does not take a lot of work or complex ingredients. In fact, provided that you have a few flavor ingredients like olive oil, […]

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More Meals Fit for a King

Earlier this week I shared some strategies that I use to make meals more appealing to the men in my life. Meanwhile, my friends, Mandi, JessieLeigh, Amy, and Tara, shared some of their own tips for making great meals for their sweet hubbies. Mandi shared several recipes, including Chicken Quesadillas, Crab Dip, Chicken Parmesan Bake, […]

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Win Organic Rolled Oats from Tropical Traditions


Oats are a regular staple in our house. In fact, I think we probably eat them every day. Whether it is homemade instant oatmeal packets, oatmeal, homemade granola bars, or granola, oats are a daily part of our good eating. They are more filling than other cereals, giving us a stick-to-yer-ribs start on the day. […]

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A Wedge Salad, Karl Strauss, & What’s On Your Plate?

karl strauss

As I’ve mentioned before, hubs and I are on a hunt for good, local restaurants in San Diego. We don’t expect the world on a platter, but we’re looking for quality and we’re looking for local. We’ve tried a number of bigger chain restaurants over the last few months and have walked away poor and […]

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Meals Fit for a King: Meal Planning to Please the Guys

I live in a house of men. Though I have two young daughters, I also have four sons and one husband. Meal planning with my guys in mind is not difficult, but it’s different than if I were just planning for me and the girls. While most of the FishFam likes a variety of foods, […]

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Learn to Cook Without Taking a Class

Hubs and I have been scouring the San Diego landscape for good cheap eats. We’ve come up disappointed on a number of occasions. He said, God bless him, “Maybe you’re just getting to be a better cook and so eating at home just tastes better.” See why I married him? Anyway, I’m over at Food […]

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Shrimp Tacos (What’s On Your Plate?)

Shrimp Tacos

Slowly, I’m growing into a seafood fan. It may be that we’re now back on the West Coast. It may be that I’m succumbing to my husband’s preference for fish. But, either way, fish and other seafood are making an almost weekly appearance on our table. One of my favorites? Shrimp Tacos Yum! One of […]

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Giveaway Winners – Stash Tea & Folger’s Coffee

Thanks for entering recent giveaways. Here are the winners. They have been notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours to claim your prize. If you did not receive an email, but think that you might be a winner, please send me a message: jessica at lifeasmom dot com. Stash Tea:¬†chayo.ramirez@, eckert.s@, csbailey@ Folger’s Black […]

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5 Great Food Gifts for Him

wedding supper

This past weekend hubs and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. Seventeen years?! It’s been a good ride, and I’ve learned a ton along the way about how to love my husband even though we are so very different. But, one thing we have in common is our love for good food. Cooking and eating […]

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