Cottage Pie


Want the dish on delicious ways to act your wage? Subscribe to GCE in a reader or via email or follow me on Facebook or twitter.Welcome to What’s On Your Plate?! What’s on Your Plate? is designed to be a conversation amongst good eaters. Tell us about a recent meal. Did it meet with rave […]

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Harvest Salad with Chicken, Apples & Cheddar

Harvest Salad

I love to eat salads. Salad is my go-to lunch. And as the season changes, so does my mood. It might be a traditional chicken salad. Or a fish taco salad. Or it might be like this one, a bed of greens with all sorts of good stuff on top. This salad holds all kinds […]

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Win a Little Joy from Philly


With the holidays coming up, many of us are probably looking for some new recipes. A great resource is a new cookbook from Kraft, called, Spread a Little Joy. I recently had a chance to review the cookbook and I was really impressed with the gorgeous photography and delicious sounding recipes. This Roasted Sweet Potato […]

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Favorite Fall Cookbooks

feast soups

Cheese Soup with Zucchini, Broccoli, and Carrots This past week we have been inundated with rain — at least by San Diego standards. It’s really been a switch after the 107 degree heat wave we had previously. Ouch! Figures that I would make soup on the hottest day of the year! Needless to say, we […]

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What’s Your Favorite Breakfast?

petit dej word ridden

Photo Source: Word Ridden This past weekend I ventured down to the local French bakery and bought 4 baguettes. Yes, four. They are truly authentic French baguettes, similar to what we would have bought when I lived in France. And they only cost $1.50 — about what I paid 18 years ago in France! The […]

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Salmon, Rice Pilaf, and Swiss Chard

chard salmon plate 2

Welcome to What’s On Your Plate?! What’s on Your Plate? is designed to be a conversation amongst good eaters. Tell us about a recent meal. Did it meet with rave reviews? Or did it bomb? What side dishes did you pair with the star of the show? Did you try a new ingredient? Find the […]

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Adventures with Swiss Chard (Recipe: Mixed Vegetable Saute)


So even though I said I was going to take baby steps on this whole “eating better” thing, I just couldn’t resist pushing the envelope a little. If you read LifeasMOM, you already know that we signed up for a CSA trial last week. Four weeks to test out what we think about being “forced” […]

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Orchard Chicken Salad

orchard chicken salad

My usual chicken salad contains cheddar cheese, celery, and dill weed. This one is a departure for me. Mainly because hubs doesn’t like to mix his sweet and savory. But since we had an abundance of apple and red grapes, I thought I would experiment. This is the yummy result, chock full of fruit and […]

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Ready to Veg Out?

Looking for some good sources for fresh produce? Check out my round-up of places to veg out over on Food Your Way.

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Streusel – Topped Pumpkin Custards

Pumpkin Custard

One of my very favorite fall desserts is Streusel-Topped Pumpkin Pie. I could eat the whole thing. Truly. This recipe is so easy – open a few cans, an egg, some spices and whisk away. It comes together in minutes. Top it with a streusel topping and you’re good to go. Oh my, are you […]

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