Last-Minute Pizza Sauce

Food shouldn’t be complicated. Or bad for you. Or expensive. I’m working to craft good cheap eats that we can both enjoy. You can read more about this site here. Check out my cookbooks if you’re needing some budget-friendly inspiration. Read about how to make healthy eating work for you here.Homemade pizza sauce comes together […]

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New Recipe: Asparagus Soup for Spring

Asparagus is a spring vegetable. It should have the pricing to match right about now. It is spring, after all. I just bought some last week at Sprouts for 88 cents/pound. Proof positive. What a good cheap eat! Head on over to Life as MOM for the recipe to this easy and flavorful Asparagus Soup.

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Pulled Chicken Sliders for a Quick Easy Supper

Poached chicken combines with a homemade seasoning blend to make for a luscious and easy dinner of Pulled Chicken Sliders. Last week I found myself in a bind. Saturday evenings we spend at the hockey rink. If we’re lucky, there’s some type of break at a decent hour so that we can have supper. My […]

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Meal Planning: April 14-20

Steak and Chick Pea Salad

Creating a meal plan for the month has been such a help to my daily planning. While not everything has gone according to month’s plan, many things have. And at least I have a starting point each day! Here’s the plan for the week: Grilled Steak Salad with Couscous, Homemade Pita Breads Lawnmower Taco, Green Salad […]

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Grocery Geek: Spring Came to the Produce Box!

I think that it’s safe to say spring has come to California. Or at least to my produce box. Eating seasonally has been such an eye-opening experience for the last couple years that we’ve been getting a weekly delivery of fruits and vegetables. This week the box held spring onions, strawberries, peas, and artichokes, sure […]

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Jamie’s Spice Mix

A simple and easy way to save money on groceries can be found right in your spice cupboard. Mix up your own spice blends to add flavor and save money. This recipe for Jamie’s Spice Mix will add zest to any meal. One of the ways that I dramatically cut grocery costs years ago was […]

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Download FREE Printable Meal Plans and Grocery Lists


Love having a meal plan, but not in a place to make your own? Download FREE printable meal plans and grocery lists from Life as MOM. Last summer we talked about the importance of meal planning, which culminated in the Meal Planning 101 series. There I shared many different approaches to meal planning and making […]

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Why I Love My Toaster Oven

This week’s installation of the Small Kitchen Appliances series features the humble, yet versatile, toaster oven. For the last ten years or so, our toaster of choice has been the toaster oven. While we have owned the pop up kind of toaster, we’ve found the toaster oven to be the thing for us. My parents […]

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Download FREE Breakfasts-on-the-Go Freezer Cooking Plan


Head on over to Life as MOM to download this month’s FREE Breakfasts-on-the-Go freezer cooking plan. It’s a great companion to my cookbook, Not Your Mother’s Make-Ahead and Freeze Cookbook, helping you get a bigger bang for your buck. Have you missed the other FREE cooking plans? There are already SIX in the collection: Protein-Style […]

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Chicken Salad Wraps

Chicken Salad takes on a new perspective when served in a cabbage leaf. Fresh tasting and low carb, it’s a perfect meal to add to the rotation. I have always been a big fan of salads and sandwiches. Put them together and … wow! Last summer and then last month when I was counting calories […]

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