12 Kinds of Christmas Cookies

Snowball Cookies

Ready to save some money and eat great meals? You will find everything you need to know here at Good Cheap Eats, from meal planning to savvy shopping to eating down the pantry. Join thousands of people who’ve decided to eat well, spend less, and enjoy time at the table a whole lot more. Become […]

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Easy Jalapeno Poppers with Rice and Bacon

Easy jalapeno poppers

Enjoy jalapeno poppers, but wondering how to tame the heat? Rice and dairy cool the flames, while bacon keeps it flavorful. I love, love, LOVE jalapeno poppers. But, sometimes they can be so flaming hot that it can give me a tummy ache if I eat too many. Recently, I decided to experiment and see […]

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Mix and Magic Bars

mix and magic bars

I love Magic Bars! And believe it or not, they are one of the most versatile cookies you could make this holiday season, especially with sweetened condensed milk on hand. Magic Bars are definitely one of my favorite cookies. When I was pregnant with Baby #6, I ate half a pan. In one day. I […]

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Meal Planning: Dec 4 – 10

Easy meals continue at our house this week. Here’s the outlook: 4. Grilled Asian Chicken, Rice, Sauteed Vegetables 5. Quesadillas, Green Salad 6. Soup Night, Popovers 7. Slow Cooker Pot Roast 8. Pasta bar: lots of noodles, two kinds of sauce, bread, salad 9. Pizza Night 10. Mexibar: taco filling, toppings, tortillas, taco shells or chips […]

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Grocery Geek: The Butternut Squash to Beat All

aho 113011

Attentive readers will remember that I was lamenting the high cost of groceries these days. And then you will recall that I diagnosed my “problem.” A step away from highly processed foods has narrowed the field of choices. Narrowed, yes, but not closed it off completely. I’m coming to peace with the fact that I will probably […]

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Peppermint Syrup and Chocolate Mint Syrup


Recently, there was a bundle of mint in our produce box. Actually, there were two bundles of mint because unbeknownst to me, mint was part of the box that week and I had added on an extra. So, two bundles of mint? What to do? Mint syrup, of course! My friends on Facebook had suggested […]

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Hospitality Reminder: Get Your Beverage Box Ready!

Christmas is coming…. the goose is getting fat…. I love that song, even if it really has nothing to do with my real life. We sang it every year in the Christmas pageant at Rosedell Elementary. And that has nothing to do with this hospitality reminder. What I really meant to say is Christmas is coming […]

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How to Cook a Pot Roast in the Slow Cooker

Slow cooker pot roast

When I was a young newlywed, I’d always heard of the beauty of the slow cooker and what delicious roasts you could cook in one. Well, the first time I tried, it was an utter disaster. The meat was tough and chewy. I’m not sure it was even edible. I gave up on roasts for […]

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Huddle to Fight Hunger (Recipe: Chocolate Dipped Oreos)

Huddle Logo

The holidays can be so much fun. And they can be so distracting, too. In our efforts to buy presents and make treats, it’s easy to forget those who are less fortunate than ourselves. And as Lynn pointed out recently, there generally always is someone less fortunate. Last year I went shopping at Walmart on […]

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Craving Casseroles?

A casserole can be such a comfort. Not only is it very make-ahead with one dish to clean up afterward, it’s also generally considered a traditional comfort food. If I tell hubs I’ve got a lasagna or a pan of enchiladas ready, I know I’ll receive a happy reply. Casseroles are good food. Here’s a […]

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