Quick & Easy Side Dishes (or Meatless Main Dishes)

Quick and Easy Side Dishes - Want to pair some tasty side dishes with your main? Check out these quick and easy side dishes that fit the budget and please the palate.

Want to pair some tasty side dishes with your main? Check out these quick and easy side dishes that fit the budget and please the palate. One of the most frequent questions I receive revolves around side dishes. Folks are often confused about what to pair with their main dishes or find themselves in a […]

Easy Roast Potatoes

Easy Roast Potatoes

Want an easy potato side dish? This is it. These uber-scrumptious potatoes are so easy to make, I’m not really going to spend a ton of time telling you about them. They are similar to my Simple Dill Potatoes – only SURPRISE! No dill. The main differences are that I used itty bitty gold potatoes and copious […]

Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken Fried Rice -  Got leftover cooked chicken and rice? Then you

Got leftover cooked chicken and rice? Then you’ve got the makings of a great meal. Since my youngest daughter was officially diagnosed (through extensive testing) with a peanut and walnut allergy, our Chinese takeout experiences have dwindled. To nothing. It’s probably a good thing. I never read the ingredients list for a Panda Feast, but […]

Lemon and Herb Rice Pilaf

Lemon and Herb Rice Pilaf

I’ve been playing around with rice pilaf. On a recent stroll down the rice aisle, I noticed how VERY MANY packaged rice mixes there are. Seriously? Many of these mixes are sold in the range of $2 to $3 a box for about 4 servings. Maybe. But you can make it yourself for much less! […]

Jessika’s Roasted Vegetables


Looking for a way to liven up the veg at your house? This would be it. Over the last six weeks since our trip to Santa Barbara, I’ve made this dish at least a handful of times. It’s simple, tasty, and cheap to make. What’s not to love? Bonus points: you can make it with […]

Tasty Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Turkey may be the professed star of the Thanksgiving meal, but honestly? I’m partial to the side dishes. I think I could probably just make a meal of the side dishes themselves. They are particularly good for breakfast the next day. Yes, really. My family has their set favorites when it comes to side dishes. […]

Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Olive Oil and Garlic

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

  When I was growing up, Thanksgiving suppers were pretty much the same every year. The meal included the following: Roast Turkey Canned Gravy Smashed Potatoes (I never knew whipped potatoes; ours always had lumps; I thought that was normal) Mrs. Cubbison’s Stuffing Escalloped Corn Cold Dilled Green Beans Baked Beans Dinner Rolls Pretzel Berry […]

Seasoned Rice Pilaf or Rice-a-Roni Without the Box

Rice Pilaf Rice a Roni

Boxed rice mixes are a thing of the past, especially when you know how to make a healthier, cheaper, and tastier seasoned rice pilaf yourself. Growing up, I really loved the boxed rice and pasta pilaf known as “the San Francisco treat”. Rice-a-Roni was a staple in our home, my dad stocking up on boxes […]

Sweet Potato Hashbrowns

sweet potatoes and yams

The traditional “white” sweet potato makes lovely, almost crisp hashbrowns. Over the last month or so, I’ve explored some foods I’d never previously had. Some I’d never even heard of. Some I bought but haven’t yet tried like the kombucha sitting in my fridge. During my Whole30 I had a lot of sweet potatoes, looking […]

Mushroom – Tarragon Dressing

Forget the boxed dressing! It’s easy to make your own. This Thanksgiving I decided to bust out of the box and make everything from scratch. I’ve slowly been making this transition over the years. But, I have always relied on Mrs. Cubbison’s boxed stuffing mix. This year I broke with tradition and made my own […]