Grilled Balsamic Pork Chops

grilled balsamic pork chops

August is here. That means it’s time to cook outside, eat ice cream, and try to stay cool. Am I right? That’s why it’s so important to have a meal plan, preferably one that is grill-worthy. That’s where these balsamic pork chops come in. This is a super easy recipe that you can pull off […]

Backyard BBQ Ideas for Summer

Enjoy the relaxing days of summer by cooking out of doors. Check out this round-up of great grilling recipes. Summertime has arrived. OK, not officially. I realize that June 21 is technically the longest day of the year. But, for all intents and purposes, schools are releasing for the summer in the next few weeks, […]

Salsa Verde Chicken

Green Salsa Chicken

The flavors of lime, spices, and tomatillo salsa combine in a flavorful marinade for chicken, perfect for grilling. My mother in law used to make a wonderful chicken that she marinaded in green salsa and then breaded with flour and spices before baking. Hubby requested this as his birthday supper for many, many years. I’ve […]

Spice-Rubbed Grilled Pork Tenderloin

Custom-mixed spices are an economical and tasty way to add flavor and texture to grilled meats. Try this grilled pork tenderloin. Over the last few weeks since hubby and I have been “watching what we eat,” our meals have become simpler. With a hearty protein at the center and lots of fruits and veg all […]

Hearty BBQ Fare


BBQ, cooking out, grilling — depending on where you live, they evoke thoughts of hearty meats, cool salads, and tasty sides to enjoy in the great outdoors. Here in Southern California, we call it “grilling.” But, whatever you call it, it’s tasty! Here are some of our favorite recipes to serve on a night of cooking and […]

Get Grilling This Weekend!

There’s a wealth of things that you can throw on the barby this weekend. Check this out: :: Simple Bites did a great series on all things to grill, including fruit, cheese, and salad! :: Check out LifeasMOM’s meatloaf on the grill. :: The Kitchn gives the play by play on grilled pizza. :: $5 […]

Backyard Barbecue, Anyone?


My friends Mandi and Shaina have rounded up a great collection of BBQ recipes, ideal for your Father’s Day get-togethers this weekend. If you don’t have it planned out yet, head here to check out the downloadable planning pages as well as the downloadable recipe ebook.

Soy Grilled Salmon

Salmon and salad

Welcome to What’s On Your Plate?! What’s on Your Plate? is designed to be a conversation amongst good eaters. Tell us about a recent meal. Did it meet with rave reviews? Or did it bomb? What side dishes did you pair with the star of the show? Did you try a new ingredient? Find the […]

Plain Yogurt is a Good Cheap Eat

Plain Yogurt

It wasn’t until we found ourselves buried in debt that I really gave plain yogurt a chance. Previously, I bought the more expensive sugared varieties in individual packaging. Once I started to drastically cut my grocery budget, I became a little more cut-throat in my yogurt buying: I only bought store brand on sale or […]

Grill Recipes to Write Home About

Grilled Chicken and Potatoes

We love to serve grilled foods. All year round we can be found “firing up the barby” at our house. Even when we lived where weather truly happened, we would “cook out” whenever we could. We even tried in the middle of a snow storm. That doesn’t quite work. Some of our favorite grilling recipes […]