Cajun Spice Blend

Cajun Spice Blend mixed

Save money on spice blends by making your own. This Cajun-inspired mix features onion, garlic, thyme, oregano, and cayenne. If you make a purchase from one of these Amazon affiliate links, I am paid a small amount in advertising fees. Thanks for your support. I really appreciate it. The night we got engaged, my husband and […]

Freezer Cooking How To

refrigerator freezer of food

Wondering what all this fuss about freezer cooking is? It can save you time and money, as well as put some great meals on your table. Freezer cooking is one of my main ways to save money on groceries. I can do a day or two of bulk cooking and not only benefit from bulk […]

Saving Cilantro

Don’t let fresh cilantro go to waste due to improper storage. Here’s how to save it. When you’ve got a serious salsa craving, there’s nothing worse than reaching into the fridge for the cilantro and finding a brown, gummy mass of something that once bore the name of that wonderful culinary herb. Cilantro, an ingredient […]

Frugal Pantry: Favorite Refrigerator Items


Building a great tasting pantry on a budget can take a little time and research. Here are my favorite frugal refrigerated staples. This post does include affiliate links. If you make a purchase through those links, I am paid a small amount in way of advertising fees. Your price does not change, but your purchase […]

Stocking Your Pantry for Flu & Cold Season

herbed chicken noodle soup

Be prepared for flu and cold season by stocking your pantry with comfort and healing. The irony is not lost on me: during the Pantry Challenge, we ate up our supply of saltine crackers, frozen orange juice, and chicken broth. And then five kids and I came down with the Head Cold of the Century. […]

Preparing for a Pantry Challenge

7 Pantry Staples You Can Make Yourself | Good Cheap Eats

A Pantry Challenge is an excellent time to accomplish a number of great things for your kitchen as well as your pocketbook. This is the month for the Pantry Challenge. Every January and July here at Good Cheap Eats, we take some time to focus on our food storage, use it up and set some […]

Introducing the New FoodSaver G3H Vacuum Sealer (Giveaway CLOSED)

food saver party

The following content is sponsored by FoodSaver The giveaway is now closed. Congrats to the winner: the3diggs@ As you know by now, my life has been colored by freezer cooking for over 16 years now. I was very pregnant with our first child when I read the grandmother of all freezer cooking books and set […]

Stocking Your Pantry with Canned Foods

canned goods

The following content is sponsored by Cans Get You Cooking in partnership with the Mom It Forward Blogger Network: We’re coming off the heels of a Pantry Challenge. As such, my cupboards are pretty bare. The freezer, too. I look forward to restocking both. FishPapa and the boys are going to help me fill the […]

Keep Track of What’s in the Freezer

freezer inventory

It’s great to have a full freezer, but unless you know what’s IN your freezer and actually serve it for supper, it’s not really a help to you. And if you have a large freezer, it can be easy to forget what you have or how long it’s been there. I defrost my freezer at […]

Freezer Bags & How to Seal Them

squash in the freezer

I use freezer bags to pack many of my meals and meal components for freezing. Last year, I bought a ton of them on Christmas clearance and paid a couple pennies a bag. I wash and reuse the ones that I’ve used for baked goods. If raw meat or messy sauces have been in them, […]