Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad

10 Summer Salads | Good Cheap Eats

Enjoy a cool and easy lunch or dinner with this Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad. It’s full of chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers.

5 Favorite Freezer Meals for Summer

Freezer Food Summer

Want to get ahead of the game this summer? Fill your freezer with these easy and delicious meals that won’t heat up the kitchen.


Escalivada in pan trim

Enjoy a taste of the Mediterranean with this easy Escalivada, chock full of eggplant, zucchini, onion, tomato, and peppers, drizzled with olive oil.

Making Homemade Pickles

Refrigerator Pickles

Ever wonder if you could make pickles yourself? If I can, you can. Or in other words, if I can can, you can can, too. 😉 This post does include affiliate links. If you make a purchase through those links, I am paid a small amount in way of advertising fees. Your price does not […]

Easy Side Dishes to Go with Your Weekend BBQ

BBQ Side Dishes

Need side dish inspiration for your weekend BBQ? Check out this compilation of EASY side dishes that your friends and family will love. As the weekend approaches, you might consult the grocery ads to see what’s on sale in terms of meats suitable for grilling. At my Ralphs, there’s lots of beef and hot dogs […]

5 Great Ways to Prepare for Quick Summer Meals


Enjoy your summer daze a little more by making meal times quick and easy. The following content is sponsored by Good Food Made Simple: I don’t know about you, but my summer days are just packed. If it’s not the summer school I assigned myself my kids or the weekly outings or this whole writing […]

Easy Stovetop Meals

brats and peppers

It’s August. Who wants to heat up the oven when it feels like an oven outside? Not me. So, that means dinner can be no-cook, slowcooked, grilled, paninied or cooked on the stove top. Over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing recipes to help you stand the heat and still be in the kitchen — […]

Chill Out with a Cool Drink

Summer’s hot. You’re bothered. Chill out with a cool drink. Need inspiration? Try one of these: Apple Cider Floats Sorbet Punch Coconut Mango Banana Smoothie Lime Mint Cooler   The Best Lemonade Ever What’s YOUR favorite summer drink?

Quick, Easy, and Elegant Afternoon Snacks

quick and easy appetizer dinner

Welcome guests with some goodies! These snacks are quick, easy, and just a little bit elegant. Last week I had the opportunity of welcoming two very favorite people into my home. My littles and I headed down to the airport to pick up Stephanie and Amy. On the way home we stopped at the French […]