Healthy New Year Foods

Chicken Satay Skewers

Watch the ball drop while snacking on some healthy new year foods? These options will help you ring in the new year in a tasty, affordable, and healthy way! Spicy Chicken Satay with Sunflower Dipping Sauce We’ve got one big holiday to jump through in order to get to the new year. And it’s one […]

Holiday Baking Tools

jesus cookie cutters christmas

It’s time to get baking! Consider these great holiday baking tools to make your holiday baking fun and easy! I look at Thanksgiving as a feat of great, savory proportions. While the pies are certainly important — we had Pretzel Berry, Slab Apple, and Streusel-Topped Pumpkin — the savory foods, like mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy, […]

Our Must-Make Thanksgiving Side Dishes

cream cheese mashed potatoes

The turkey may be the star of the Thanksgiving feast, but these must-make recipes are perfect Thanksgiving side dishes. Last week I spent a few hours getting ready for Thanksgiving. I put on some Christmas music and prepped for our big feast. We’ll be hitting the road early on Thursday to visit my in-laws and […]

Budget-Friendly Recipes for Easter

Easter recipes

Looking for a new recipe to try this Easter for the holiday meal? Here are a few easy favorites that won’t break the bank.

Our New Year’s Eve Tradition: A Kid-Made Snacky Dinner

New Years Appetizers that Kids Can Make

Ready to rock it on New Year’s Eve? Try out our family’s tradition with New Year’s Eve appetizers that kids can make. For as long as I can remember, our supper on New Year’s Eve has been a variety of appetizers accompanied by fizzy drinks. As a mom with lots of littles it was an […]

Have Yourself a Tasty Little Christmas

Christmas Tree Scones

I hope today brings you lots of yummy things to eat and hope for your heart as we celebrate Christmas!

Three Easy Last Minute Holiday Appetizers

3 Easy Last-Minute Holiday Appetizers

Run out of time? Need a last-minute appetizer to serve guests or take to a pot luck? Check out these three winners. As I mentioned on Monday, appetizers can easily make a meal. They are also an easy thing for you to bring to a holiday potluck without a lot of hassle and expense. If […]

The Ultimate Snacky Dinner

The Ultimate Snacky Dinner

Serve up a snacky dinner for a quick and easy meal that can still feel special. The Snacky Dinner has long been a part of our family’s food culture. I remember when our kids were all under nine years old. Yes, really. We had five children and were living in our four bedroom home in […]

Must-Have Kitchen Tools for the Home Cook

12 Must-Have Kitchen Tools for the Home Cook

What are your must-have kitchen tools? What helps you the most in getting food on the table quickly and deliciously? When we went on our big European vacation this fall, I got to do some cooking. In both Collioure and Paris, we had vacation apartments with small kitchens. While they weren’t “fully equipped”, they did […]

12 Great Recipes to Use Leftover Turkey

12 Recipes Turkey Leftovers | Good Cheap Eats

Don’t want to just reheat your leftover turkey? Try one of these recipes! Even though I’m not in charge of cooking a turkey on Thursday, I fully intend to buy a few turkey breasts to stash in the freezer. I love having an abundance of meat to use in recipes after the holidays are over. […]