Egg Plus Salad Sandwiches

Egg Plus Salad Sandwiches - Go beyond the egg salad sandwich with this egg + salad sandwich. Hard cooked eggs, vinaigrette, and abundant veggies make a delicious and economical meal for Sandwich Night.

Go beyond the egg salad sandwich with this egg + salad sandwich. Hard cooked eggs, vinaigrette, and abundant veggies make a delicious and economical meal for Sandwich Night. In this season of my life, that is this hockey season of my life, we’ve condensed some big activity into just a few days. I’m so thankful […]

Pizza Margherita

Margherita Pizza Good Cheap Eats

The classic Margherita pizza is easy to prepare and a delicious meatless main dish. Friday night is our typical pizza night. Homemade pizza. It’s taken a few years to get it just right. But, we’re getting there. Five kids prefer pepperoni. One wants just cheese. The adventurous one of the group will try the other […]

Green Salad with Sun-dried Tomatoes and Almonds

green salad with sundried tomatoes and pepper jack

A salad made on the spot can be tasty, using whatever you’ve got in the fridge. This unlikely combination of sun-dried tomatoes, shredded carrot, sliced cucumbers, sliced almonds, and black olives surely proved itself. Despite my bigger grocery budget this week (in comparison to the next two weeks’ Pantry Challenge budget), it has felt like […]

Spinach Pasta Salad with Roasted Mushrooms

spinach and pasta salad

Warmer weather means that soups give way to salads. Enjoy this hearty pasta salad and celebrate the retreat of winter. I am a salad girl at heart. From the salad bar to the epic Caesar, I love filling up on chilled, fresh greens, savory dressings, and whatever goodies I can find while rummaging in the […]

Kale and Mushroom Pizza

Kale Pizza with Mushrooms

This meatless pizza is super tasty and nutritious with kale and mushrooms. Friday is our family’s pizza night. We’re now up to a DOUBLE BATCH of dough. And I only have one teenager so far! I see a lot more salads in our future. The crowd typically chooses pepperoni, olive, and cheese, or a combination […]

Last-Minute Pizza Sauce

large pizza

Homemade pizza sauce comes together in a pinch with ingredients you can easily keep on hand all the time. Years ago I was under the misunderstanding that you had to have pizza sauce to make pizza. In fact, so dire was my confusion that if I didn’t have a jar of pizza sauce on hand […]

Roast Veggies for Rich Flavor & Freeze for Later

Roast vegetables in bulk and then freeze them in meal-sized packaging to use later. They’ll give rich flavor without a lot of fuss. Roasted vegetables add rich flavor to any number of dishes. These tasty tidbits would include roasted garlic, roasted peppers and chiles, and roasted tomatoes. The trick is that roasting often takes awhile. […]

Tomato Pie: A Guest Post

A Guest Post from Myra of My Blessed Life Do those two words together scare you? Tomato pie? Really? Never fear! Tomato Pie is amazing! You will be addicted after the first bite. Our family loves this dish especially in the spring and summer when fresh tomatoes are at their prime. Vine ripened tomatoes are […]

Oven Roasted Tomatoes

Roasting vegetables is a wonderful way to add more flavor to them. I shared how to roast chiles last week. This week, we’re oven roasting tomatoes. In the past I have used a dehydrator to “sundry” tomatoes, especially when we had an excess of the garden variety. It was a great way to make use […]

Tomato Varieties and a Pasta Salad Recipe: A Guest Post

A Guest Post from Liz of Hoosier Homemade There are hundreds of Tomato Varieties, some are good for salads, others are best for making sauces, and some are simply great with a little salt and pepper on them. I’ve selected a few of the varieties to share with you. Cherry or Grape Tomatoes: These are […]