Trader Joe’s Meal Plans: $70 or Less for a Week’s Worth of Dinners

trader joe's meal plan

I’ve got a new $70 meal plan up over at Life as MOM, if you’re interested. There are actually three now so far. They are pretty in-depth, offering lots of make-ahead options and cheats to saving money.

Yes, Virginia, you can have dinner for $10 or less.

#1 The Chicken Plan

#2 Mostly Meatless

#3 Pretty Meaty


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  1. This is great! When you say 10$ average a meal, is this for one person or a family?

  2. Christina says:

    I’m very excited to try this. We recently followed the Chicken plan and it was cheap and tasty. Love!

  3. Jessica, thank you so much for making these meal plans. I appreciate them so much.

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